To Determine The Correlation Between ABO Blood Grouping And Fingerprint Patterns

The fingerprint is defined as the impression left by an individual on any surface. It’s the most unique pattern available, which aids in personal identification. The branch of forensic science that deals with the study of fingerprints is known as Dermatoglyphics. However, there is a common characteristic shared among finger impressions which is the arrangement of finger ridges, which are known as patterns. The patterns are classified as arches, loops, whorl, and composites. The study conducted by Bharadwaja on “Comparative link between dermatoglyphics and blood groups” showed that loops are the common pattern found, whorls were the moderate, and arches were the least in frequency. The study conducted by Rastogi and Pillai testified that loops and whorls were dominant in all groups. Arches are least found. According to the research conducted by Sandeep. K. Raloti which is entitled “An effort to determine the blood group and gender from the pattern of fingerprints” showed an outcome that 59.22% were loops, 5.16% were whorls amongst the subjects he chose. In the light of a study on “fingerprint in relation to gender and blood groups” carried out by Pattil, we understood that loop is the most common pattern which is followed by whorls and arches respectively. Thus he concluded that there is a strong association exists between fingerprint and ABO blood groups and there is no relationship between fingerprint and gender. Deepalakshmi Salmani investigated the relationship between patterns of fingerprints, and the ABO blood group system. She found out that, among the subjects she chose, 63.14% had loop patterns, 23.78% had whorls and only 13.07% had arches. In our comparative study, we discovered that among the subjects we choose, loops are the most common pattern followed by whorls, and arches are found to be the least found pattern, and we also determined a fact that there was no specific relation existed between fingerprints and ABO blood grouping system.

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Aneeta Thomas is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in The Degree of B.Voc Applied Microbiology and Forensic Science.

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