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Human Forensic DNA Analysis Process Map

Human Forensic DNA Analysis Process Map

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Acquiring Windows Operating System Credentials Through Bitlocker: A Digital Forensic Approach

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What is the role of Ground-penetrating radar systems in Geo forensics?

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Role Of Color Filters And Light Sources In Crime Scene Photography

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Stature Estimation From Finger Length Of The Indian Population

One of the most significant and practical anthropometric factors that characterizes a person’s physical identity is stature or body height. They are crucial for identifying people in the case of homicides, accidents, or natural disasters. Most often the personal identity of the deceased is a mystery in medico legal cases. It is widely used in the forensic identification. Stature  estimation is  an  essential element  of  medico-legal investigation  when the identification  of  unknown  dismembered remains are involved. In order to assess body size for the purpose of identification, anthropologists frequently utilize and medical scientists have adopted anthropometric techniques. In this study, the stature examination from the finger length is conducted. A total of two hundred samples  [hundred males and hundred females] were collected for the examination.

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Medico-Legal Aspects Of Cases In Hanging, Road Traffic Accidents, Etc.


Dating Fingerprints

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To Determine The Correlation Between ABO Blood Grouping And Fingerprint Patterns

Influence Of Tampered Cloth Evidence By Detergent On DNA Yield

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Qualitative Analysis Of Ballpoint Pen Inks Based On TLC & Their Forensic Significance

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