Syllabus of Forensic Psychology (FACT and FACT Plus Syllabus)


1. Psychology/ Forensic Psychology

a. General/Cognitive Psychology

b. Abnormal/ Clinical Psychology

c. Industrial/ Organizational Psychology

d. Social Psychology

e. Biopsychology

2. Criminology

a. Crime & Deviance

b. Criminology

c. Crime Prevention

d. Schools of Criminology

e. Criminal Justice System

f. Criminal Law & Procedure

g. Criminological Research & Statistical Applications

h. Juvenile Delinquency

i. Victimology

3. Aptitude in forensic Science

a. Fundamentals of basic Sciences as applied to Forensic Investigation

b. Quality Control and Quality Assurance in the analysis of evidence materials and Proficiency test

c. Techniques and Instruments for Evidence analysis: Precision, accuracy, error rate and standardization

d. Expert testimony in the Court of Law, Admissibility of Evidence

e. Laws relevant to Forensic Science

f. Ethics in Forensic Science

4. Reasoning

a. Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

b. Analogies

c. Similarities

d. Relationship Concepts

e. Arithmetical

f. Visual Memory

g. Discrimination

h. Reasoning

i. Differences

j. Space Visualization

k. Problem Solving

l. Analysis

m. Judgement

n. Verbal and Figure Classification

o. Number Series Observation

p. Decision Making

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