Questioned Document Examination (Chapter 1)

Question: What is Questioned Documents?

Answer: Document, which is disputed in a court of law, is known as Questioned Document.

Some of the common types of questioned documents subjected to forensic document examination are stated below.

Types of Questioned Documents:

• Wills:

  1. HOLOGRAPHIC WILL – will entirely written in the handwriting of the testator.
  2. NOTARIAL WILL    – signed by the testator acknowledge before a notary public with 3 witnesses.
    • Cheques
    • Bank Drafts
    • Agreements
    • Receipts
    • Laminated Documents
    • Photocopied Documents
    • Stamp Papers
    • Passports
    • ID Cards
    • Licenses
    • Currency notes
    • Suicide notes
    • Burned Documents
    • Blank papers containing Impressions
    • shredded documents
    • Documents or writing examine to identify the person through handwriting.
    • anonymous and disputed, and
    • superscriptions, registrations and miscellaneous writings

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