Questioned Document Examination (Chapter 1)

Question: What are the Common types of Forgery?

Answer: Some common types of forgeries are:

>>Simulation: In Simulation forgery the perpetrator’s uses a model of the victim’s handwriting.

>>Cut And Paste: In cut and paste method, the forger first photocopies the signature then places it on the desirable document.

>>Tracing: In tracing method the perpetrator, takes paper which has original signature and put it on the top of another sheet where signature required and then start retracing and after that signature appears as original.

>>Electronic Forgery: In the electronic forgery the forger uses the “scan and drop” method to digitize the signature in computer by scanning it at high resolution then he inserts it into the document he wants to use.

>>Freehand: Freehand style forgery is a type of forgery where the forger copies the other person’s signature without any efforts. Forger simply copies the signature sometime with his own phrases or words.

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