MCQs On Putrefaction with Answers

Q. 1 Post-mortem purge is associated with the following:

 A. Hypostasis

 B. Rigor mortis

 C. Post mortem lividity

 D. Putrefaction

Ans. D

Q. 2. Honeycombing is seen in liver in case of :

 A. Cirrhosis

 B. Rupture

 C. Putrefaction

 D. Hydatid disease

Ans. C

Q. 3. Putrefaction is a :

 A. Perimortem sign of death

 B. Immediate sign of death

 C. Early sign of death

 D. Late sign of death

Ans. D

Q. 4. Putrefaction is facilitated by following except:

 A. Very high temp

 B. Free air

 C. Damp environment

 D. Shallow grave

Ans. A

Q. 5. Maggots in rainy day are seen within

 A. 6 hours

 B. 1-2 days

 C. 2-4 days

 D. 5-6 days

Ans. C

Q. 6. Maggots are seen on the dead body after :

 A. One day

 B. 2-3 days

 C. 3-4 days

 D. One week

Ans. B

Q. 7. Foamy liver is seen in:

 A. Arsenic poisoning

 B. Electrocution

 C. Hanging

 D. Putrefaction

Ans. D

Q. 8. Last organ to putrefy in females is:           

 A. Kidney

 B. Uterus

 C. Brain

 D. Spleen

Ans. B

Q. 9. Sequence of putrefaction:

 A. Heart-brain-uterus-spleen

 B. Spleen-brain-heart-uterus

 C. Heart-spleen-brain-uterus

 D. Heart-brain-spleen-uterus

Ans. B

Q. 10. Following poisoning retards putrefaction:

 A. Aluminium phosphide

 B. Lead

 C. Arsenic

 D. Copper

Ans. C

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