Important Articles of Indian Constitution

There are 448 Articles, 25 Parts, 12 Schedule in the Indian Constitution (originally 395 Articles, 22 Parts, 12 Schedule were there)with 104 Amendments in 2020. Each set of articles covers important parts of the Constitution including, Legislatures, Executive, Schedules, Parts of Indian Constitution, Constitutional Bodies, Statutory Bodies, Fundamental Rights, and more. Here you are going to learn Most important articles of Indian Constitution.

There are 25 parts of the Indian Constitution. The following table covers parts and articles of the Indian Constitution:

PartsSubject Mentioned in the PartArticles
Part IUnion & Its TerritoryArticle 1-4
Part IICitizenshipArticle 5-11
Part IIIFundamental RightsArticle 12-35
Part IVDirective PrinciplesArticle 36-51
Part IV AFundamental DutiesArticle 51A
Part VThe UnionArticle 52-151
Part VIThe StatesArticle 152-237
Part VIINote: 7th Amendment Act, 1956 repealed Part 7‚Äď
Part VIIIThe Union TerritoriesArticle 239-242
Part IXThe PanchayatsArticle 243-243O
Part IX AThe MunicipalitiesArticle 243P-243ZG
Part IX BCo-operative SocietiesArticle 242ZH-243ZT
Part XScheduled and Tribal AreasArticle 244-244A
Part XIRelation between Union & StatesArticle 245-263
Part XIIFinance, Property, Contracts and SuitsArticle 264-300A
Part XIIITrade, Commerce and Intercourse within the territory of IndiaArticle 301-307
Part XIVServices under the Union and StatesArticle 308-323
Part XIV ATribunalsArticle 323A-323B
Part XVElectionsArticle 324-329A
Part XVISpecial Provisions relating to certain classesArticle 330-342
Part XVIIOfficial LanguagesArticle 343-351
Part XVIIIEmergency ProvisionsArticle 352-360
Part XIXMiscellaneousArticle 361-367
Part XXAmendment of the ConstitutionArticle 368
Part XXITemporary, Transitional and Special ProvisionsArticle 369-392
Part XXIIShort title, Commencement, Authoritative Text in
Hindi and Repeals
Article 393-395

The most important Articles of the Indian Constitution is given below:

Article 12-35IIIFundamental Rights
Article 36-51IVDirective Principles of State Policy
Article 51AIVAFundamental Duties
Article 80VNumber of Seats in Rajya Sabha
Article 243-243 (O)IXThe Panchayats
Article 343XVIIHindi as Official Language
Article 356XVIIIImposition of President’s Rule
Article 370XXISpecial Status of Jammu & Kashmir
Article 395XXIIRepeals Indian Independence Act and Government of India Act 1919
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