Glass Fracture Patterns

Question: what is importance of Broken Glass at Crime Scene?

Answer: Broken glass at crime scenes can play an important role in crime scene reconstruction, and it can be a very useful evidence. Glass fracture patterns are most often found at the following crime scene:

👉 Criminal Mischief,

👉 Burglary.

👉 Shooting Incidents,

👉 Fire Scenes, etc.

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Question: Which type of information can be obtained from analysis of broken glass?

Answer: Some common types of information can be obtained by studying glass fracture patterns:

1.) Direction of impact force applied (whether it is from inside out or outside in).

2.) Approximate force of impact.

3.) Approximate angle of impact of force.

4.) Determination of the type of glass fracture.

5.) Determination of the sequence of firing, direction of firing, and the type of firearm for the projectile holes present.

5.) Estimation of the fire temperatures, direction of fire travel, and the intensity of heat from the melted glass.

The use of glass fracture patterns in crime scene reconstruction relies on careful recognition, documentation, and study of radial and concentric glass fracture markings. Other information for reconstruction is obtained by analysis of rib marks, spatial relationships, crack marks, and the condition of any melted glass.

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