Genetic Genealogy: A complete Overview

Genetic Genealogy is also known as Genetic Ancestry Testing.

Now a days it is very popular way to know about one’s ancestry or to confirm the relationship between two people. This is a method through which people can learn about their ancestry.

Every family shares certain patterns of genetic variations and Genetic Genealogy uses DNA testing to determine the genetic relationship between peoples.

The use of DNA testing in conjunction with traditional genealogy and historical records is Genetic Genealogy.

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) Test is a tool which is used by the law enforcement to know the genealogy or the relation between evidence and victim/suspect.

Following DNA Tests are commonly used to for Genetic Genealogy:

Y-Chromosome Testing:

Y-Chromosome testing can be used to know the ancestry in male line or Patrilineal line. Y-Chromosome is found only in males. It can help to identify patrilineal surname lines.

mt-DNA Testing:

Mitochondrial DNA Testing can be used to know the ancestry in matrilineal line. mt-DNA are passed from mothers to their children. Both men and women have the mt-DNA so this test is for everyone.

Autosomal DNA Testing:

Autosomal DNA Testing trace the autosomal chromosome of an individual which include the DNA segments that the person shares with others with whom they are connected.

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Testing:

SNP testing identifies genetic variations within an individual’s genes,
This test measures a large number of variations (SNPs) in an individual’s entire genome.

Limitations of Genetic Genealogy:

There are some drawbacks of genetic genealogy. Different test providers compare the results of tests of individuals to several different databases of previous tests, so the results may vary and may not be consistent. Furthermore, because the majority of human populations have migrated multiple times from here to there and mixed with neighboring groups, estimates of ethnicity may differ from an individual’s expectations based on genetic testing.

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