Forensic Science And Law

Multiple colours combined to form a rainbow, which becomes a centre of attraction for all. Same as when multiple branches of science combine, to create a science of Justice that is “forensic science”.
Since forensic and law hold together, there is eminence growth of law because when a crime is committed we need to establish act’s ria and men’s ria by evaluating the trail of evidence that is done by assessing the scientific knowledge along with common sense mean, by applying forensic.
it’s necessary to present evidence in a frame of justice, by maintaining a chain of legality before a court of law. To ensure justice for the victim and punishment for the culprit law become a bridge between victimology and criminology and forensic becomes a supporting pillar of that bridge.

Actus Reus and Mens Rea

Mens rea and Actus Reus are two essential principles of any crime and are used in the majority of common law countries.

Mens rea is defined as the ‘guilty mind’ or guilty intention to commit a crime, with the intent to cause harm to another person or animal, or with the express intention of disturbing the peace that means there must be “guilty intent” or a “guilty mentality” in order to commit a crime.

Actus Reus, on the other hand, is the “guilty act,” which is required in order to prove that a criminal act was committed. An actus reus could include everything from a physical assault or murder to the damage of public property.

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Authored by:
Shivani Solanki

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