The Principles and the Identification Features of a Handwriting

Principles of Handwriting:

1. Every handwriting has individuality.

2. No two people write exactly alike.

3. There are natural variations in the handwriting of a person.

4. Individual characteristics that are unique to a particular writer exist in every person’s handwriting, distinguishing it from every other handwritings.

5. Inconspicuous features have great importance.

6. The act of writing is a skill learned through repetition until it becomes a habit.

7. There should be no fundamental divergence in the questioned and sample writings, if written by the same person.

8. A person’s natural writing is based on copybook that they have learned at school.

9. People style their writing as they want and it’s unique to them.

10. A person’s handwriting changes over the course of his/her lifetime.

11. Some writing habits are subconscious and therefore cannot be changed by the writer.

The writing habits of a writer are found from:

1. Headings, introductions and conclusions

2. Movement

3. Paragraph and, their frequency

4. Size

5. Margins

6. Spacing in words, lines and paragraphs

7. Alignment in lines, words, letters, etc.

8. Punctuations

9. Arrangement of figures and abbreviations

10. Speed

General Qualities of a handwriting are:

1. Pictorial Effect

2. Rhythm

3. Style

4. Movement

5. Pen Position

6. Line Quality

7. Type of writing

8. Proportions

9. Legibility

10. Tremor, etc.

The Individual characteristics are:

1. Pen pressure

2. Shading

3. Pen pauses

4. Pen Lifts.

5. Starting and ending strokes

6. Hesitations

7. Embellishments

8. Abbreviations

9. Placings

10. Slope

11. Size

12. Retouchings

13. Diacritics, etc.

Factors that cause changes in Handwriting:

1. Mechanical Factors (Such as, Awkward Position)

2. Time Span (Changes over the course of one’s life)

3. Health

4. Blindness

5. Mental Health

6. Drugs and Medication

7. Alcohol And Drug Abuse

8. Accidentals

9. Guided Hand

10. Tremors in Handwriting, etc.

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