Forensic MCQs (Answers with Explanation)

1. Holograph documents Pertain to which of the following?

  1. A document type written and signed by a person.
  2. A document written by one person and signed by the other.
  3. A document written and signed by one and the same person.
  4. A document signed by a forger.

Ans.: 3. A document written and signed by one and the same person.

Explanation: Holograph document means A document written wholly in the handwriting of the person whose signature it bears.

2. Which of the following is credited with synthesis of ninhydrin analogues and their use in latent finger prints ‘visualization’?

  1. A.A. Cantu
  2. J. Almog
  3. Ruhemann
  4. Menzel, E.R.

Ans.: 2. J. Almog

3. Collectively Picroindigocarmine (PIC) and Nuclear fast Red, are called:

  1. Vibert’s fluid
  2. Christmas Tree Stain
  3. Massons Trichrome Stain
  4. Feulgen Stain

Ans.: 2. Christmas Tree Stain

Explanation: A pair of dyes, picroindigocarmine (PIC) and Nuclear fast Red. Both test collectively are known as “A Christmas tree stain’. This test is developed for sperms cells visualization.

4. A photocopied document can be connected specifically with a photocopier with the help of which of the following ?

  1. Analysis of toner used in photocopier.
  2. Analysis of defect marks of drum of photocopier.
  3. The font type used to prepare the document.
  4. Both toner analysis and defect marks on the drum.

Ans.: 4. Both toner analysis and defect marks on the drum.

5. Who authored the book titled ‘The identification of handwriting and the cross examination of experts’ ?

  1. Osborn, A.S.
  2. Singla, A.K.
  3. Saxena, P.K.
  4. Mehta, M.K.

Ans.: 4. Mehta, M.K.

Explanation: The Identification of Handwriting and the Cross Examination of Experts is written by M. K. Mehta.

6. What is the initial action involved in the explosion of HE-36 grenade ?

  1. Pull
  2. Pressure
  3. Pressure release
  4. Tension release

Ans.: Pull

7. A fatty substance deposited on the walls of cork cell is:

  1. Stamen
  2. Suberin
  3. Pectin
  4. Lignin

Ans.: 2. Suberin

Explanation: The walls of Cork cells are have heavily thickened by the deposition of an a fatty substance known as Suberin.

8. The recent delivery by a woman can be determined by examining presence of:

  1. Blood stains
  2. Saliva stains
  3. Colostrums
  4. Menstrual blood

Ans.: 3. Colostrums

Explanation: Colostrum is the first form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals (including humans) immediately following delivery of the newborn

9. Anti clock-wise rifling is found in:

  1. AK-47 Rifle
  2. 7.62 mm self-loading Rifle
  3. .303-Rifle
  4. .315-Rifle

Ans.: 3. .303-Rifle

10. Regarding Wormian bone which of the following statement is/are correct ?

I. It is an extra bone piece that is present within a suture in the Cranium.

II. It occurs most frequently in lambdoid suture.

III. Also known as Inca bone

IV. It is present in all females.

Codes :

  1. I, II and III are correct
  2. I and III are correct
  3. III and IV are correct
  4. I and II are correct

Ans.: 1. I, II and III are correct

Explanation: Wormian bones, also known as intrasutural bones or sutural bones, A large wormian bone at lambda is often called an Inca bone (Os Incae), due to the relatively high frequency of occurrence in Peruvian mummies, are extra bone pieces that can occur within a suture (joint) in the skull. These are irregular isolated bones that can appear in addition to the usual centres of ossification of the skull and, although unusual but not rare. They occur most frequently in the course of the lambdoid suture.

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