MCQs on Forensic Physics

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#1. Which is the source of Infrared radiation?

#2. Black mineral colours in the soil are generally related to the presence of the following elements:

#3. Heat resistant glass contains a mixture of silica (75% to 80 %) and which one of the specific constituent (upto 15%):

#4. During forensic examination of glass, the edge thickness can be measured by:

#5. Hot stage microscope is used in forensic examination of glass of measure:

#6. Microscopic fibers are best collected from clothing with the help of :

#7. Linen fibre possesses:

#8. How should soil samples be preserved if they can't be subjected to forensic tests soon after collection?

#9. Glass which is strengthened by introducing stress through rapid heating and cooling of its surface is called:

#10. The turbidity test in the sandy soil sample when conducted experimentally:

#11. IR Spectroscopy is used in the analysis of:

#12. Mull technique is used for the sampling of:

#13. 4-R rule is connected with:

#14. The tire treads recorded on moldable material such as earth, clay, snow etc. are known as:

#15. Chemical etching is a method for restoration of erased marks on:

#16. An indentation mark is caused by a tool, when it is pressed upon a surface:

#17. The following percentage of ridge matching is a positive proof of matching in striation tool marks examination:

#18. Radial fractures on glass, surface starts on:

#19. Magnetic powders contain which of the following as one of the constituents?

#20. The process which leaves impressions on the reverse side of the note is:

#21. The binder composition of paint is provided by:

#22. Scales are found on the following fibre:

#23. Which acoustic parameter is associated with the characteristic features of the oral cavity?

#24. Compression tool marks are best formed by:

#25. Sequence the electromagnetic waves in decreasing order of wavelength?

#26. The Refractive Index of glass can be determined by:

#27. Pitch of male human speech sound ranges between:

#28. Which microscope has found wide application for the examination of birefringent material present in soil?

#29. Fibers obtained from animals or plants may also be called as:

#30. Compressive strength analysis is done in case of:

#31. The following is a regenerated fiber:

#32. Aluminum, calcium, magnesium and cobalt are components of:

#33. Bromoform is a high density liquid used in ‘Density Gradient Analysis’ of soil analysis can be replaced by:

#34. Which technique is non-destructive for identification and quantitation of trace elements of forensic samples?

#35. Approximate percentage range of Aluminium Oxide in Ordinary Portland Cement is:

#36. Pyrolysis gas chromatography is useful technique for characterization of the following paint constituents:

#37. In density gradient determination method of soil examination, the following liquids are commonly used:

#38. Soil sample when moistened with few drops of water and Conc. HCl gives yellow colour due to presence of:

#39. From the tire impressions left at the crime scene, it is possible to determine:

#40. Which technique is best suited for distinguishing most paint formulations?

#41. Some crystalline materials have two indices of refraction. The phenomenon is called:

#42. Nodes are seen in the following fibre:

#43. Which size of soil particles is termed as clay?

#44. In the case of firing through windowpane glass, spiral fractures are found on:

#45. The annealing temperature for ordinary glass is:

#46. Which of the following filters are useful for photography on a shining surface?

#47. Which mode of illumination is the best for studying striated tool marks?

#48. For preservation of shoe print/tire marks on soft earth, the best way is:

#49. The following process is responsible for formation of soil:

#50. Infrared spectra of paint sample without any preprocessing can be obtained by technique of:

#51. Which of the following rare earth oxide is not found in ‘Nernst Glower’?

#52. Black Mineral color in the soil is generally related to the presence of:

#53. Those materials which show ‘Birefringence’ phenomenon is known as:

#54. The following material is most suitable for toolmark casting:

#55. In trap cases, the pink colour of ‘Phenolphthalein’ fades due to:

#56. The angle of tool application should be considered for making standard tool marks by:

#57. Which of the following has the shortest wave length?

#58. During gravimetric method of cement analysis, filtrate –D is used for calculation of:

#59. _______ is a super cooled liquid which has attained so high viscosity as to be considered as solid.

#60. Glare in photography can be best removed by:

#61. An instrument that measures the radiant power of two electromagnetic beams is called:

#62. ‘Ballooning effect’ test is characteristics of:

#63. Which one of the fibers is NOT the protein fiber?

#64. Which type of identification mark (serial number) on metal surface cannot be restored after obliteration?

#65. In paint examination, pyrolysis gas chromatography is useful for characterizing

#66. The range of lime (CaO) is within ______ in Portland cement.

#67. Which of these fibers are derived from animals?

#68. The technique used for comparison of trace element profile of soil samples is:

#69. Emulsion is a coating on all photographic films and papers consisting of light sensitive silver salt in a:

#70. A tyre track impression in the snow can be classified as:

#71. Which of the following fiber is of mineral origin?

#72. Control soil samples for forensic analysis is best collected in:

#73. The best material for casting the pattern on metallic surface is:

#74. Radial fracture of glass can be helpful in determining:


#75. The comparison of test and scene tool marks is usually performed using:

#76. The video editing in digital video format is:

#77. Floatation method used for the analysis of glass samples is used to determine:

#78. 4R rule of glass fracture relates to:

#79. The Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) seized for forensic tests analysis is suitably packed in:

#80. Fractures due to heat are:

#81. The following form of paint sample is most suitable clue in forensic paint analysis:


#82. The wavelength of x-ray:

#83. A bright halo observed near the border of a glass particle immersed in a liquid of a different refractive index is known as:

#84. Besides silica, the main constituent of Gypsum soil is:

#85. Hammer Marks are:

#86. Bulk density test is used to determine:

#87. The following parameters of tool application can produce the sufficient influence on the nature of striation marks produced by screw driver, except:

#88. Nodes are seen in:

#89. The following follows 3-R rule:

#90. Thermal fractures on glass sheet are of following type:

#91. The refractive index (RI) of most of the glass sample encountered during forensic examination range between:

#92. Mineralogical analysis can be done with the help of:

#93. The process of formation of small droplet from the liquid sample is called as:

#94. Composed of a Mixture of Cement, Sand and Gravel is called :

#95. Vicat apparatus is used for analysis of cement to observe:

#96. What is required in order to estimate the speed of vehicle from the length of skid?

#97. The source of sound energy for speech production in human is:

#98. Which statement is true when a pointed object makes impact on a window glass pane?

#99. A crater – shaped hole in glass is _______ on the side where the projectile entered the glass:

#100. The example of the Vegetable fibre is:

#101. The angle of tool application should be fixed for making standard marks in:

#102. Besides silica, the main constituents of dolomite soil is:

#103. The following compound is not present in Borosilicate glass:

#104. Thickness of a specimen entirely in focus under a microscope is known as:

#105. Drill marks are:

#106. Which one is the major ingredient in the Cement composition?

#107. Which of the following techniques can be used in analysis of fibres?

#108. Which one of the following is added to the clinker to prevent the rapid reaction?





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