December 2020 and June 2021 UGC NET Solved Question Paper (Forensic Science)

26.)  For a firearm with half chokes, a rough idea of the range of fire from the spread of the pellets is given by the formula

Question number 26
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27.) As per ASTM guidelines, the method of choice for isolation of ignitable liquid residue from debris is:

1. Passive headspace extraction

2. Solid‐phase microextraction

3. Supercritical fluid extraction

4. Ultrasound‐assisted extraction

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28.) The most selective detector of GC for explosive analysis is:

1. Thermal energy analyzer

2. Flame Ionization detector

3. Electron capture detector

4. Electrolytic conductivity detector

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29.) If an explosion took place in an open space, the recommended area that needs to be secured is [x: fastest distance from a seat at which fragments were found]:

1. A circular area of radius x

2. A circular area of radius 1.2x

3. A circular area of radius 5x

4. A circular area of radius 7x

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30.) If a circular object at the scene is photographed at an angle of 45°, the object will appear:

1. Circular

2. Elliptical

3. Parabolic

4. Hyper bolic

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31.) A chemical with an autoignition temperature below 130°F is better‐known as:

1. Autoignitable liquid

2. Oxidizable chemical

3. Thermophoric

4. Pyrophoric

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32.) A Standort diagram is often used to plot which of the following property of fibre?

1. Wearing pattern

2. Color intensity

3. Density

4. Refractive indices

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33.) Which of the following is true about the IMEI number?

1. It is a 15 digit long number

2. It is a hexadecimal representation of number 0‐9

3. Even if a phone is dual SIM, there is a single unique IMEI number

4. It is mostly found in CDMA than GSM phones

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34.) The rate of compression for a fingerprint as per ANSI‐NIST guidelines in case of WSQ is:

1. 10:1

2. 20:1

3. 30:1

4. 40:1

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35.) “Viola and Jones” algorithm is useful for:

1. Face recognition

2. Iris recognition

3. Face detection

4. Iris detection

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36.) Considering vocal tract a tube of uniform diameter, close at one end and open at another. The lowest resonance frequency of a 17cm long vocal tract is: (Velocity of sound 340m/s)

1. 1000 Hz

2. 500 Hz

3. 400 Hz

4. 200 Hz

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37.) Which of the following fingerprint development technique undergoes polymerization reaction with sweat residue?

1. Iodine fuming

2. Cyanoacrylate fuming

3. Silver nitrate

4. Iodine dusting

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38.) A small dot‐like dark extra deposits of ball‐point ink along the main ink stroke especially at the turns in writing

1. Burr Striation

2. Splicing

3. Pen‐Patching

4. Gooping

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39.) Glass‐platen defect marks on the photocopied documents are considered as:

1. Individual Characteristics

2. Class characteristics

3. Transitory

4. Superficial Characteristics

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40.) The act of inserting the writing between the lines of handwriting for the purpose of adding or correcting a part to what has already been written is known as:

1. Obliteration

2. Erasure

3. Inter lineation

4. Retracing

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41.) When the wire marks are observed as parallel, during the examination of paper by transmitted light, the paper is referred to as

1. Wove paper

2. Blotting paper

3. Filter paper

4. Laid paper

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42.) The sequence of pages in the multipage laser‐printed document could be determined from the position of which type of defect marks

1. Glass platen defect marks

2. Roller defect marks

3. Drum defect marks

4. Residual toner impressions

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43.) Superimposition is the technique applied to identify a dead person and cannot be helpful in absence of one of these:

1. Post‐mortem photograph

2. Ante‐mortem photograph

3. Skull hair

4. Eye orbits

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44.) Which one of these is NOT the advantage of video superimposition

1. Allows fade out of either skull or facial image on a monitor for an overall assessment

2. With picture stationery on the screen, the screen, the skull can be moved and seen in real‐time over the computer till two match

3. Images are not as fine as with conventional photographic superimposition

4. Allows sectioning images of the skull and facial images

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45.) The large, everted, and irregular size of the wound is suggestive of:

1. Entry wound of gun

2. Exit wound of gun

3. Stab wound

4. Lacerated wound by blunt object

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46.) The pubic angle of pelvis girdle in female is

1. Right angle

2. Obtuse angle

3. Acute angle

4. Straight angle

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47.) Which city in India is NOT having a regional forensic science laboratory

A. Karnal

B. Varanasi

C. Nagpur

D. Bhopal

E. Hyderabad

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. B and D only

2. A and E only

3. A and B only

4. B and C only

Correct Answer :‐ B and D only

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48.) The formation of a blood droplet is a complex event that is influenced by

A. Viscosity, Surface tension

B. Chemical changes

C. Coagulation

D. Cohesion force, gravity

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A and B only

2. A and D only

3. B and C only

4. C and D only

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49.) Which of the under mentioned is/are a metabolite of ethanol

A. Acetaldehyde

B. Formaldehyde

C. Acetic acid

D. Acetic anhydrate

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A and B only

2. A and C only

3. B and C only

4. B and D only

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50.) The amount or degree of Yaw depends upon

A. Physical characteristics (Length, diameter, and cross‐sectional density) of the bullet

B. The rate of twist of the bullet

C. Kinetic energy possessed by the projectile

D. Density of the medium

E. Gravitational force

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1. A, B, and C only

2. A, B, and D only

3. A, B, and E only

4. B, D, and E only

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