MCQs on forensic science (NET/JRF Preparations)

1.) Which of the following sections of IPC are concerned with dowry death?      

  1. 300                         
  2. 302                      
  3. 304       
  4. 304-b

MCQs On Forensic Science (NET/JRF Preparations)

25 Multiple Choice Questions

Answers of Multiple Choice Questions

Forensic Psychology

Multiple Choice Question

Question- All of the following are impulse disorder, except:

a.) Pyromania

b.) Trichotillomania

c.) Kleptomania

d.) Capgro’s Syndrome

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (MCQs)

50 ONE WORD Forensic Q&A

Question no. 1.- What is the best definition of forensic science?

Answer- The application of scientific knowledge and technology to the analysis of crime scene evidence.

MCQs On Forensic Toxicology

1. Which of the following is NOT a side effect of Digoxin toxicity?

A. Bradycardia
B. Yellow vision changes
C. Scooping of the T segment on ECG
D. Hypokalemia

Forensic Science – Multiple Choice Questions (Fingerprint)

By @forensicfield

I.) Who first explained the Friction Ridge Skin Pattern with drawings:-

1.) Sir Francis Galton
2.) J.C.A. Mayer
3.) Henry Faulds
4.) William Herschel

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