Leucomalachite Green Test

What is Leucomalachite Green?

Malachite is a Triphenyl Methane dye.

It’s an organic compound that is used as a Dyestuff.

Formula of Leucomalachite Green- C23H26N2

It’s Uses In Forensics

It’s a Presumptive test for blood.

Its Sensitivity Is 1:5000 in 20s Time In Dilution.

Basis Of The Test

The basis of the test is that the peroxidase-like activity of hemoglobin in blood catalysis.

Indication for the Presence of Blood

It produces Blue-Green Color if blood is present.

Why Is This Process Is Known as Oxidation Reaction?

In This Process Oxidation Occurs So The Process Is Called Oxidation Reaction.

How To Perform This Test ?


It Also Give Positive Result In The Case Of Plant Or High Oxygenated Compound.

It is important to use these solutions quickly to prevent premature oxidation.

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