MCQs on Crime Scene Investigation

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#1. Why does offender profiling require multiple offences to be committed?

#2. In which region of the spectrum do modern digital cameras have Bayer filter in front of the image sensor to allow light?

#3. Best Search Pattern when there is only one Investigation Officer is present and no obstacles is there is:

#4. Which is most often used for indoor Crime Scene?

#5. Which are characteristics of someone responsible for an organised crime scene:

#6. Crime Scene sketches provide following, which is/are not present in photograph or videography.

#7. The window of opportunity to collect time-sensitive information or evidence is known as:

#8. A tyre track impression in the snow can be classified as:

#9. In an aircrash case, the following method of survey is most useful.

#10. Assertion (A): The Investigation Officer collects physical evidence at the Scene of Crime. Reason (R): Because he is fully aware as to how to save the evidence form getting contaminated, lost or scratched.

#11. A lens with a variable focal length is known as:

#12. In a car which method of search should be use?

#13. Which of the following type of abrasions are associated in sexual assault over the thigh of a woman?

#14. What type of picture should be taken for covering entire crime scene?

#15. Two most important factors need to keep in mind at the time of securing the Scene of Crime, which are:

#16. Assertion (A): While dispatching the exhibit to the Forensic Science Laboratory the sample of the seal used on packed exhibits is also dispatched along – with exhibits. Reason (R): It helps in ascertaining the chain of custody in investigation.

#17. Any Physical location in which a crime has occurred or is suspected of having occurred:

#18. Why is photography the condition in Crime Scene Investigation?

#19. Best method of searches for detailed searching of large areas, and can be modified anytime according to the condition.

#20. What are the four patterns to search the crime scene for Evidence:

#21. Which of the following statements is not true in case of an accident report?

#22. Offender profiling involves:

#23. Which type of picture should be taken of objects:

#24. After collecting the blood stained soil from the scene, it should be sent for examination:

#25. It is important to separate witnesses at a crime scene in order to:

#26. A person committed suicide by a revolver in under to implicate his opponent, his son took the same revolver and fired a second shot at his father. But the Postmortem examination proved that the second shot was a postmortem shot. Then his son admitted that he had himself fired the second shot to implicate his opponents, which of the following principles of Forensic Science had helped in determination of truth.

#27. Observing a crime scene involves:

#28. The suitable control sample in case of blood stained soil isusually taken within the distance of _______ from spot.

#29. Which area of Crime Scene should be searched first?

#30. The status of the investigator, the type of the crime, the age of the witness and the type of questioning represent variables related to which topic of study by forensic psychologists?

#31. If investigators did not search crime scene properly or they preserve physical evidence carelessly, following will be happen:

#32. Which term refers to a criminal's distinctive action which is consistent throughout their crimes?

#33. The following chemical is used for hardening of plaster of Paris cast of tyre mark?

#34. Assertion (A): While taking the photograph of the dead body at the scene ofoffence a scale should be put by the side of the body. Reason (R): It would help to calculate the total height of the person.

#35. When packaging the evidence, you should:

#36. In a crime scene sketch and arrow should always be there, which showing following direction:

#37. These are sketching methods in crime scene, except;

#38. Which one of the following search pattern is best for home:

#39. The control soil sample should be collected within the distance of _______of the questioned soil spot.

#40. Which of the following is not one of the following types of documentation done at Crime Scene?


#41. A married woman dies with 9 years of marriage due to hanging at her husbands house. The inquest is to be conducted by

#42. Who should certify that a body is “dead” at a crime scene?

#43. The skid marks on the road in a vehicular accident may give an indication of:

#44. Mass disaster victim identification could be achieved on the basis of:

#45. Modus Operandi means:

#46. Search pattern best for large outdoor areas, uses many people:

#47. In vehicle accident, tyre marks on body is suggestive of:

#48. The key to taking notes is:

#49. For hardening of plaster of paris cast of foot prints, following substance is added:

#50. Which of the following is not included in a crime scene sketch:






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