Aptitude In Forensic Science (FACT and FACT Plus Syllabus)

(FACT & FACT Plus 2022)



For specialization subjects of Forensic Physical Sciences (Ballistics, Document and Physics), Forensic Biological Sciences (Serology and DNA), Forensic Chemical Sciences (Toxicology, Chemistry, Narcotics and Explosives), Cyber Forensics (Mobile Forensic, Audio-Video, etc.)

a) General knowledge, general English, aptitude and reasoning.

b) Fundamentals of basic sciences as applied to forensic investigation.

i. Principles of the forensic science, disciplines of forensic science and their functions. Developments in forensic science in India and abroad. Scope of analysis in forensic science laboratories/institutions. Legendries and their contributions in the field of forensic science.

ii. Types of evidence materials in different type of crimes, source and significance of evidence material, tools and techniques in crime scene search, sketching, measurement, photography and videography. Identification, collection, preservation, packaging and forwarding of evidence materials. reconstruction of scenes of crime, lifting, developing and preserving fingerprints, footprints and tyre impressions and pattern evidence, Sampling, Chain of custody. Safety measures at the scene of crime and in laboratory.

c) Quality Control and Quality Assurance in the analysis of evidence materials, Proficiency Test.

d) Class and individual characteristics of material evidence. Techniques and instruments for evidence analysis: Electromagnetic radiations, Interaction of radiation with matter, Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Spectrophotometry, Chromatography, Electrophoresis, Components of Computer and their functions, Imaging of digital evidence and authentication, Forensic photography. Precision, accuracy, error rate and standarisation.

e) Basic Principles of Statistics – Probability, Mean, Median, Mode, FTest, Chi-square Test, Measurement of uncertainty. Systematic and Random Sampling.

f) Expert testimony in the Court of law. Admissibility of evidence, Laws, Acts, CrPC and IPC relevant to forensic science. Ethics in Forensic Science.

For specialization subject of Forensic Psychology

a) Criminology, Psychology, Reasoning and Forensic Science

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