A phobia is a constant and unreasonable fear, which can be from anything, such as; person, animal, object, action, or circumstances. It is a kind of anxiety disorder.

According to the DSM-IV to DSM-5 specific phobias typically fall within five categories:

Specify type: Animal Type (e.g., spiders, insects, dogs)
Specify type: Natural Environment Type (e.g., heights, storms, water)
Specify type: Blood-Injection-Injury Type (e.g., needles, invasive medical procedures)
Specify type: Situational Type (e.g., airplanes, elevators, enclosed places)

List of Phobias

Ablutophobia Fear of bathing
AchluophobiaFear of darkness
AcrophobiaFear of heights
AerophobiaFear of flying
AlgophobiaFear of pain
AlektorophobiaFear of chickens
AgoraphobiaFear of public spaces or crowds
AgyrophobiaFear of crossing the street
AichmophobiaFear of needles or pointed objects
AmaxophobiaFear of riding in a car
AmbulophobiaFear of walking
AnatidaephobiaFear of somewhere, somehow a duck watching you
AndrophobiaFear of men
AnginophobiaFear of angina or choking
AnthophobiaFear of flowers
AnthropophobiaFear of people or society
AphenphosmphobiaFear of being touched
ArachnophobiaFear of spiders
ArithmophobiaFear of numbers
AstraphobiaFear of thunder and lightning
AtaxophobiaFear of disorder or untidiness
AtelophobiaFear of imperfection
AthazagoraphobiaFear of forgetting someone or something
AtychiphobiaFear of failure
AutophobiaFear of being alone
BacteriophobiaFear of bacteria
BananaphobiaFear of bananas
BarophobiaFear of gravity
BathmophobiaFear of stairs or steep slopes
BatrachophobiaFear of amphibians
BelonephobiaFear of pins and needles
BibliophobiaFear of books
BiophobiaFear of living things
Bogyphobia Fear of the boogeyman
BotanophobiaFear of plants
CacophobiaFear of ugliness
CatagelophobiaFear of being ridiculed
CatoptrophobiaFear of mirrors
Chaetophobia Fear of hair
Cherophobia Fear of happiness
ChionophobiaFear of snow
Chiroptophobia Fear of bats
ChromophobiaFear of colors
ChronomentrophobiaFear of clocks
ClaustrophobiaFear of confined spaces
CoulrophobiaFear of clowns
Cryophobia Fear of extreme cold
CyberphobiaFear of computers
CynophobiaFear of dogs
Decidophobia Fear of making decisions
Deipnophobia Fear of having a dinner conversation
DendrophobiaFear of trees
DentophobiaFear of dentists
Didaskaleinophobia Fear of school
DomatophobiaFear of houses
Dumasaphobia Fear of Dumb people
DystychiphobiaFear of accidents
EcophobiaFear of the home
Eisoptrophobia Fear of mirrors
ElurophobiaFear of cats
EntomophobiaFear of insects
EphebiphobiaFear of teenagers
Ergophobia Fear of work
EquinophobiaFear of horses
Euphobia Fear of hearing good news
FrigophobiaFear of cold
GamophobiaFear of marriage
GenuphobiaFear of knees
Genophobia Fear of sexual intercourse
GlossophobiaFear of speaking in public
Globophobia Fear of balloons
GynophobiaFear of women
HeliophobiaFear of the sun
HemophobiaFear of blood
HerpetophobiaFear of reptiles
Homophobia Dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people
Hippopotomonstros-esquippedaliophobia Fear of long words
HydrophobiaFear of water
HypochondriaFear of illness
IatrophobiaFear of doctors
InsectophobiaFear of insects
KoinoniphobiaFear of rooms full of people
LeukophobiaFear of the color white
LilapsophobiaFear of tornadoes and hurricanes
Linonophobia Fear of string
LockiophobiaFear of childbirth
LupophobiaFear of wolves and werewolves
MaskaphobiaFear of masks
MedomalacuphobiaFear of losing an erection
MageirocophobiaFear of cooking
MegalophobiaFear of large things
MelanophobiaFear of the color black
MicrophobiaFear of small things
MysophobiaFear of dirt and germs
NecrophobiaFear of death or dead things
NoctiphobiaFear of the night
Nomophobia Fear of being without your mobile phone
NosocomephobiaFear of hospitals
NyctophobiaFear of the dark
ObesophobiaFear of gaining weight
OctophobiaFear of the number 8
OikophobiaFear of home surroundings, certain items of home or home
OmbrophobiaFear of rain
Omphalophobia Fear of belly buttons
OphidiophobiaFear of snakes
Optophobia Fear of opening one’s eyes
OrnithophobiaFear of birds
OstiophobiaFear of bones
Panphobia Fear of everything
PapyrophobiaFear of paper
ParaskavedekatriaphobiaFear of Friday the 13th
PathophobiaFear of disease
PedophobiaFear of children
PediophobiaFear of Dolls
PentheraphobiaFear of your mother-in-law
Phasmophobia Fear of ghosts
PhilophobiaFear of love
PlacophobiaFear of Tombstones
PhobophobiaFear of phobias
Plutophobia Fear of money
PodophobiaFear of feet
PogonophobiaFear of beards
PorphyrophobiaFear of the color purple
PteridophobiaFear of ferns
PteromerhanophobiaFear of flying
Pteronophobia Fear of being tickled by feathers
PyrophobiaFear of fire
SamhainophobiaFear of Halloween
SanguivoriphobiaFear of Vampires
ScolionophobiaFear of school
Scopophobia Fear of being stared at
SelenophobiaFear of the moon
SociophobiaFear of social evaluation
SomniphobiaFear of sleep
SkelephobiaFear of Skeleton
TachophobiaFear of speed
TechnophobiaFear of technology
TeraphobiaFear of monsters
ThalassophobiaFear of the ocean
TonitrophobiaFear of thunder
TriskaidekaphobiaFear of the number 13
TrypanophobiaFear of needles or injections
TrypophobiaFear of holes
VenustraphobiaFear of beautiful women
Verbophobia Fear of Words
VerminophobiaFear of germs
Vestiphobia Fear of clothing
WiccaphobiaFear of witches and witchcraft
XenophobiaFear of strangers or foreigners
Xanthophobia Fear of the color yellow
ZoophobiaFear of animals

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