MCQs on Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

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#1. The level of toxicity of Datura plant on the basis of increasing level is:

#2. Which one of the following is a sweet prepared from Bhang and used as an appetizer?

#3. Odour of mummified body is:

#4. The following are the tests for analysis of morphine except:

#5. Which of the following type of abrasions are associated in sexual assault over the thigh of a woman?

#6. Following test is a confirmatory test for phenol:

#7. A 32 year-old farmer received abdominal trauma, after 2 hours the pulse reached 136/min, blood pressure 70/40. The cause is:

#8. Extradural haemorrhage commonly occurs from rupture of:

#9. Post-mortem caloricity means:

#10. Which one of the following is not an insecticide of vegetable origin?

#11. Ester test is done for the identification of which of the following poisons?

#12. Cadaveric spasm commonly seen in:

#13. Treatment of opioid over dosage is:

#14. Which of the following is important for the identification from hair?

#15. Marijuana smoking impairs the operation of motor vehicles for how long after it use?

#16. The following are Opioid withdrawal symptoms, except:

#17. Area of “contact flattening” is associated with:

#18. Gettler’s test is associated with:

#19. Chasing the Dragon is:

#20. The presence of blood in the semen causing pink or reddish colour is known as

#21. Amotivational Syndrome has been reported with chronic use of:

#22. The specific antidote in case of iron poisoning is:

#23. After stoppage of circulation muscles can live up to:

#24. Common cause of death in Extradural haemmorhage is:

#25. Considering mode of administration, poison acts more rapidly when:

#26. Foamy liver is seen in:


#27. Scalding is caused when liquid in contact has temperature above:

#28. The shape of sub pubic angle in a female is

#29. A 4 year old boy accidentally ingested a clear fluid, vomited twice then started to cough with tachypnea, 24 hours later he developed fever of 39 °C due to bronchopneumonia. The possible diagnosis is:

#30. In 0.22 Airgun pellet, the minimum velocity required to perforate human skin is:

#31. Assertion (A): The colour of lividity in carbon-mono oxide poisoning is cherry red. Reason (R): Because of the binding of carbon to hemoglobin.

#32. Vesication test is done to confirm the identification of following poison:

#33. Brush burn refers to:

#34. The second stage of acute acetaminophen toxicity is characterized by:

#35. First internal organ to putrefy is:

#36. Polar fracture is a:

#37. Acroreaction test helps to identify a:

#38. In a case of hanging, if the knot is situated at the occipital region, is called:

#39. Commonest cause of impotence in male is:

#40. Following are the types of Neurosis, except:

#41. All are adulterants of heroin, except:

#42. Flaying of the skin is associated with which of the following wounds?

#43. Griess reagent can be used to detect which one of the following acids?

#44. The total number of bones in the human skeleton in an adult is:

#45. Burn type relatively painless:

#46. Tear in the intima of the carotid artery with bleeding into its wall is seen in cases of:

#47. The most important sign for identification of contact firearm inlet is:

#48. Tattoo marks destroyed, their presence can be inferred from presence of pigment in:

#49. Rectal temperature does not appreciably fall till what time after death:

#50. First external sign of putrefaction of body lying in air is around:






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