MCQs on Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

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#1. The soap remains present in the blood because of high alkaline binding capacity of the serum/due to its dissociated products like:

#2. The shape of cooling curve pattern of a human cadaver is:


#3. Postmortem caloricity seen in poisoning from:

#4. In opioid dependence naltrexone is used to:

#5. Most common substance abuse in India:

#6. A dead body is having cadaveric lividity of bluish green color. The most likely cause of death is by poisoning due to:

#7. Which one of the tissues putrefies late?

#8. Cadaveric spasm commonly seen in:

#9. Polar fracture is a:

#10. Hesitation marks or tentative cuts is a feature seen in:

#11. Exhumation done under order by:

#12. Which of the following type of abrasions are associated in sexual assault over the thigh of a woman?

#13. The presence of tache noire is suggestive that the time since death is:

#14. Morbid jealousy is seen with:

#15. Alcoholics Anonymous was developed by:

#16. “Under taker’s fracture” due to falling of head (Backward) occurs at:

#17. Spinal cord is preserved in which of the following cases?

#18. After skin contamination, the patient passed into coma with miosis and finally acute nephritis, the poison is:

#19. Rectal temperature does not appreciably fall till what time after death:

#20. Which of the following is specific antidote for acute acetaminophen toxicity:

#21. The shape of sub pubic angle in a female is

#22. LSD is derived from which of the following plant?

#23. “Nutmeg liver” refers to:

#24. The alternative medication to methadone used for the long term maintenance of opiate dependence is:

#25. The main ingredient of Mandrax is:

#26. In a suspected case of death due to poisoning, where cadaveric rigidity is lasting longer than usual, it may be a case of poisoning due to:

#27. First external sign of putrefaction of body lying in air is around:

#28. Micturition syncope is a condition which occurs due to heavy consumption of:

#29. The following are Opioid withdrawal symptoms, except:

#30. Considering mode of administration, poison acts more rapidly when:

#31. Split laceration resembles:

#32. The following is a poisonous mushroom species:

#33. In case of poisoning of living persons, the following are preserved, except:

#34. Faeces stains are identified from odour, presence of indigested matter, vegetable fibres and

#35. The antidote for methanol poisoning is:

#36. The magnified effects from the combination of drugs is called:

#37. A dead body with suspected poisoning is having hypostasis of red brown or deep blue in color. It is suggestive of poisoning due to:

#38. What is the natural substrate for the cannabinoid receptor in the brain?

#39. A 32 year-old farmer received abdominal trauma, after 2 hours the pulse reached 136/min, blood pressure 70/40. The cause is:

#40. Putrefaction occurs more rapidly in:

#41. Marijuana smoking impairs the operation of motor vehicles for how long after it use?

#42. Thanatology is associated with study of:

#43. Ethanol is absorbed into blood from:

#44. Dry ashing method is used for the extraction of following poisons from viscera:

#45. Area of “contact flattening” is associated with:

#46. Which of the following is not classified as Hallucinogen?

#47. One of the following is a sure external sign of drowning that can be found in postmortem examination:

#48. The causes of death in drowning are, except;

#49. Which of the following sutures of the skull are the first to fuse?

#50. In case of carbon monoxide poisoning which preservative is recommended for the preservation of blood samples:






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