MCQs on Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

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#1. Yawning is a common feature of:

#2. The magnified effects from the combination of drugs is called:

#3. Earliest sign of death is:

#4. The direction of a wound can be ascertained from which of the following injuries:

#5. All are adulterants of heroin, except:

#6. Drug of choice in resistant schizophrenia is:

#7. Rigor mortis does not occur in fetus less than:

#8. Legal limit of blood alcohol concentration (in mg/100ml) for driving in India is:

#9. Greenish brown staining of superficial veins was observed on the sides of abdomen and thighs of a dead body. This condition is known as:

#10. Scale used for Nicotine dependence is:

#11. Casper’s dictum is related to:

#12. Brachiocephaly is due to fusion of:

#13. Cadaveric spasm commonly seen in:

#14. Ossification of bones may be used for determination of:

#15. A person with a head injury can talk normally and tell about the circumstantial evidence in case of:

#16. One of the following solvents is not metabolized in the body to cyanide:

#17. Flattening remains until:

#18. Which of the following is a definite sign of death due to drowning:

#19. Assertion (A): The colour of lividity in carbon-mono oxide poisoning is cherry red. Reason (R): Because of the binding of carbon to hemoglobin.

#20. Which of the following type of abrasions are associated in sexual assault over the thigh of a woman?

#21. One of the following is a sure external sign of drowning that can be found in postmortem examination:

#22. In iron poisoning, bloody vomiting and diarrhea, massive fluid loss in GIT, renal failure and death occur in:

#23. Putrefaction occurs more rapidly in:

#24. Which of the following is not classified as Hallucinogen?

#25. Adipocere of the whole body occurs in about:

#26. First internal organ to putrefy is:

#27. Physical dependence is not a feature of using:

#28. Prolonged prothrombin time occurs in cases of poisoning with:

#29. The most appropriate method for the extraction of plant poison from viscera:

#30. In 0.22 Airgun pellet, the minimum velocity required to perforate human skin is:

#31. Linseed, Safflower and Cottonseed are used for:

#32. Lysergic acid is found in:

#33. Rigor mortis is not seen in:

#34. Tache noire refers to:

#35. Which of the following is important for the identification from hair?

#36. Suspected air embolism, body cavity to be opened first is:

#37. Multiple parallel superficial cuts crisscrossing each other are suggestive of:

#38. Following test is a confirmatory test for phenol:

#39. Which one of the following is not an insecticide of vegetable origin?

#40. In poisoning with hydrocyanic acid, nitrates are given in order to:

#41. The alternative medication to methadone used for the long term maintenance of opiate dependence is:

#42. Symptomatic treatment is not required in withdrawal syndrome caused by:

#43. “Under taker’s fracture” due to falling of head (Backward) occurs at:

#44. The second stage of acute acetaminophen toxicity is characterized by:

#45. The ideal place to record temperature in dead body is from:

#46. ‘Stass-Otto’ process is used for:

#47. Benzodiazepines act on the CNS through the following mechanism:

#48. The commonest cause of death in extradural hemorrhage is:

#49. The earliest putrefactive colour changes after death is noticed over:

#50. The shape of cooling curve pattern of a human cadaver is:






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