MCQs On Forensic Ballistics

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#1. Berdon primer is a primer:

#2. The phenomenon of shaving of bullet is associated with:

#3. The diameter of 16 bore shot gun is:

#4. Fouling is useful in determination of approximate:

#5. In the firing mechanism of firearm trombone action is also called as

#6. The number of land and grooves in 32 revolvers is:

#7. The following mark is not found in fired cartridge case:

#8. The diameter of LG shot is:

#9. The bore of the 12 bore gun is:

#10. Assertion (A): Test shell case and questioned shell case can be compared using comparison microscope to establish the identity of the weapon. Reason (R): Because rifilling marks on shell case are identical.

#11. The firearm made by blacksmith by not adhering to any particular specializations or standard materials are known as:

#12. What is the effect of cutting of barrel on dispersion of pellets on a target?

#13. The diameter of the circle tangent to the tops of the lands if the barrel has an odd number of lands & grooves, is known as:

#14. A detailed written description of gunpowder is given in which one of the following by Roger Bacon?

#15. Ricochet of bullet means:

#16. The modified Griess Test is specific for determination of ________ in gunpowder residue.

#17. Assertion (A): In shotgun, the dispersion of pellets is more in the truecylinder gun than choked gun. Reason (R): Choking of barrel is not related to dispersion of pellet.

#18. Singeing of hair around a wound of entry is seen at which range?

#19. Which of the following is not the class characteristic of a fired bullet?

#20. .303 rifle cartridge is a:

#21. Walker Test of GSR is done for the identification of presence of

#22. Snap haunt is a:

#23. In the gunshot wound, the term back spatter refers to:

#24. In 0.22 Airgun pellet, the minimum velocity required to perforate human skin is:

#25. Assertion (A): The shortening of barrel increases dispersion of pellets inshot gun. Reason (R): It produces less pressure inside the barrel.

#26. In .177 Air gun, the maximum velocity to perforate skin is:

#27. In firing case muzzle pattern is found in:

#28. The ejector is not present in the following:

#29. Firing Pin marks of a gun are:

#30. Dumdum Bullet is so called because :

#31. The gelling agents added to explosive mixtures to improve their resistance to moisture and increase viscosity are known as:

#32. Wads and cushion wads are found in:

#33. In which weapon Iron pyrite was used as ignitor?

#34. The diameter of SG pellet in 12 bore gun cartridge is:

#35. Musket is a:

#36. In bullet projectory the maximum range can be attained if the angle of projection is:

#37. Rifling marks on fired bullet are of the following type :

#38. The coefficient of reduction or form factor is calculated by the formula:

#39. Which of the following are characteristics of rim-fire cartridge?

#40. The bullets having less thickness of the jacket at the tip are:

#41. Pin fire cartridge have:

#42. The probable time of last fire from a firearm can be determined by

#43. The diameter of 8 bore shot gun is:

#44. The identification of shot gun is possible when the fired cartridge contains:

#45. The percussion-Lock firearms were discovered by:

#46. Neutron Activation Analysis detects the presence of following in G.S.R:

#47. Burning, blackening and tattooing are useful for determination of

#48. It is not used as a primer in cartridge:

#49. Bullet that leaves a visible smoke mark on the flight is called:

#50. For wound ballistics study in human beings, the following is used in experiments:

#51. The number of LG pellets in 12 bore cartridge is:

#52. Derringers are single shot pistols, which possess:

#53. The terminal velocity of falling 9 mm bullet is about:

#54. The trigger pull of service rifle is:

#55. The cutting of barrel length in shotgun causes:

#56. Which of the following is used to analyze for the presence of ‘Gun-Shot-Residue’?

#57. 7.62 mm AK-47 assault rifle has the magazine capacity of:

#58. In ‘Gun Shot Wound’, scorching is caused by:

#59. Ejector is not found in:

#60. A fired cartridge case can be linked to the suspect firearm on the basis of following marks, except:

#61. The designation of 12- bore means that the internal cross sectional diameter of gun’s barrel is equal to:

#62. Zeroing is:

#63. The ‘Ballistic Coefficient’ is:

#64. In black powder Fg, FFg, FFFg number represents:

#65. Assertion (A): The penetration power of shot gun is more than service rifle. Reason (R): Rifle produces more energy inside the barrel as compared to shotgun.

#66. Rechochet marks are generally found on:

#67. Zip gun is a:

#68. It is not the component of rifle Cartridge:

#69. Bullet wipe is a term used for:


#70. Ram rod is a part of:

#71. Chronograph is an instrument which measures the following in forensic ballistics::

#72. The energy of the projectile is calculated by:

#73. In a firearm case, causality criteria for man is:

#74. The diameter of LG Pellet is

#75. The stamped serial number on barrel can be restored by:

#76. Pump action of a firearm is also called:

#77. Tandem Bullet is:

#78. Trigger pull of double action revolver ranges as:





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