MCQs On Cyber Forensics

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#1. Which method uses stochastic properties of the computer system to investigate activities lacking digital artifacts?

#2. How phone memory of a damaged mobile phone can be read?

#3. Who said this “The internet will disappear. There will be so many IP address, so many devices, sensors that it will be part of your presence all the time. Imagine you walk into a room and you are interacting with the things going on in there"?

#4. Which of the following protocols uses both TCP and UDP?

#5. CCFP stands for:

#6. Which of the following program is run to examine network traffic:

#7. What are the ingredients of Cyber Security Trial?

#8. Which of the following data extraction method is used to recover the deleted data from Smart Phone?

#9. Which Windows log will tell you if software has been uninstalled?

#10. What is the purpose of CDR analysis tool ?

#11. What is Internet?

#12. The huge numbers of devices connected to the internet of things have to communicate automatically NOT via humans. What is this called?

#13. Which of the following is the goal of Cyber Security?

#14. Which of the following is NOT a well known Cell Phone Forensics Commercial Tool ?

#15. What is it called when someone changes the FROM section of an email so that the message you receive appears to come from a person other than the one who sent it?

#16. ________ describes a cloud service that can only be accessed by a limited amount of people.

#17. ‘Stuxnet’ malware can be categorized as a ….

#18. Unsolicited commercial emails are commonly known as?

#19. An intrusion detection system (IDS) can be used to monitor and filter network traffic. From the viewpoint of detection, which main IDS types can be distinguished?

#20. ow many types of wireless authentication modes are there?

#21. Which tool should be used to capture credit card numbers, e-mail addresses, zip files, URLs, IP addresses, telephone numbers, etc. from a digital forensic image?

#22. The key to Forensic Investigation is 1. Preserver 2. Analyse 3. Report 4. Collect. Arrange them in the correct sequence:

#23. ________ describes a distribution model in which applications are hosted by a service provider and made available to users.

#24. The video editing in digital video format is:

#25. Cybersecurity is the protection of:

#26. Which of the following tool is used for Blackjacking?

#27. IT Act 2000 amended various sections of the following Acts EXCEPT?

#28. Most of the chat and instant message conversation are stored in computer in:

#29. How many levels of addressing is provided in TCP/IP protocol?

#30. Cybersecurity is also called:

#31. In Phishing, the perpetrator convince the recipient:

#32. Which of the following type of images store graphic information in a grid of individual pixels?

#33. Cybersecurity is primarily about:

#34. Which of the following techniques are used during computer forensics investigations?

#35. The computerized pad which recognizes the signature based on the speed, pressure and rhythm of signing is called:

#36. The famous computer program which provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication, based on public-key encryption algorithm is:

#37. Base Transceiver Station (BTS) is also known as:

#38. Mobile phone operating systems contain open ________ that or may be vulnerable to different attacks.

#39. ‘Duqu’ malware can be categorised as a ____.

#40. SIM stores the _____________.

#41. When a wireless user authenticates to any AP, both of them go in the course of four-step authentication progression which is called?

#42. Degausser is used for ____.

#43. In Vishing, the perpetrator convince the recipient:

#44. What is the location of folder in the system hard disk having Windows Registry Hives?

#45. Data can be retrieved from a mobile device by using which software:

#46. Which program will be used to gain administrative rights on one's computer?

#47. A device operating at network layer is called ____ .

#48. What is correct sequence of Cyber Security process cycle?

#49. Length of Port address in TCP/IP is _________

#50. Computer forensics can also be used in civil proceedings.





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