MCQs On Forensic Chemistry

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#1. Assertion (A): As the rhodamine ‘B’ in ballpoint pen ink degrades, it losesthe ethyl groups. Reason (R): The ethyl groups are replaced by hydrogen atoms.

#2. Radiations emitted by radioactive elements are:

#3. The following colour tests is applied for the detection of halogenated hydrocarbons?

#4. The time take by an unretained species to pass through a chromatography column is known as:

#5. Which of the following is used to colour motor gasoline?

#6. Which of the following solvents has the highest boiling point?

#7. Domestic kerosene is blue in colour due to:

#8. Diphenyl Amine Reagent (DPA) used for identification of explosive is prepared for dissolving 1gm of diphenylamine in 100 ml of which of the following:

#9. The important characteristic of petrol includes:

#10. In trap cases, the pink colour of ‘Phenolphthalein’ fades due to:

#11. Varnish is traditionally a combination of drying oil, a resin and a____.

#12. Blue colour of PDS kerosene is due to the presence of which dye?

#13. The major component of “Molotov Cocktail’ is:

#14. The average elimination or ‘burn-off’ rate of alcohol is approximately


#15. ‘Proof’ in alcoholic drinks is:

#16. 90% of the total ethanol consumed in body is converted into acetaldehyde and acetic acid within the:

#17. Kerosene is a blend of:

#18. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is measured in:

#19. Which of the following is the cause of ‘Hooch Tragedy’?

#20. Kozelaka and Hine method is used for the quantitative estimation of

#21. The inert ingredient in aluminium phosphide tablet which prevents self-ignition of phosphide gas is:

#22. The basic chemical process in burning is:

#23. O-tolidine is 3, 3’dimethyl derivative of:

#24. When the temperature of a liquid is raised:

#25. the modern breath alcohol instrument is based on technology of:

#26. Aluminum, calcium, magnesium and cobalt are components of:

#27. The presence of two isotopes of Bromine i.e Br79 and Br81 can simply be detected in mass spectra when the peak intensities of their M and M+2 are in the ratio of:

#28. Organophorous compounds and carbamates are powerful inhibitors of:

#29. Petroleum products include:

#30. The flash point of typical standard diesel is:





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