Hierarchy of Indian Judicial System

The Indian¬†judicial system¬†has been divided into¬†three types of courts‚Äď

  1. The Supreme Court,
  2. The High Courts, and,
  3. The subordinate courts.

Articles related to Indian Judiciary in Indian Constitution:

Articles related to Supreme Court: Articles from 124 to 147 in Part V of the constitution deal with the organization, independence, jurisdiction, powers procedures of the Supreme Court. Supreme Court is at the top-level court of Indian Judiciary System.

Articles related to High Court: Article 214,-219, 222, 224A, 225-231 (Part VI), 241 (Part VIII), 376 (Part XXI) deals with power, constitution, jurisdiction, appointment of judges, etc. of High Court. Each state has a High Court which is the highest court of that state.

Articles related to Subordinate Court: Article 233-234 in Part VI deals with the appointment of District Court Judges. The courts that most people interact with are called subordinate or district courts or Tehsil level court.

Hierarchy of Courts

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