Forensic Science

sydney smith. picture courtesy: NZEDGE Legends

Sir Sydney Smith and Three Bones

optical glass triangular prism

100+ MCQs on Spectroscopy with Answers and Explanation 

photo of head bust print artwork

Polygraph or Lie Detector Test


Narco-Analysis Test & It’s Uses in Forensic Science

mri images of the brain

Brain-Mapping Test & It’s Uses in Crime Detection

Notes On Poisons And Poisoning

threads and scissors near textile on table

Cut damage induced by a sharp object on cotton clothes is detected through SEM analysis

Magnifying world

Continental Educational Difference (My Journey as a Forensic Science student)

Crime scene tape

Loopholes in Forensic Investigative Procedures


Examining the Idea of the ‘CSI Effect’ and How It Changes Views on Forensic Science

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