MCQs on Forensic Odontology

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#1. Cusp of Carabelli is found on:

#2. Which of the following teeth are superadded permanent teeth in jaw of an adult?

#3. The first permanent tooth to erupt is:

#4. The total number of temporary molars in a child aged 7 years:

#5. Sharpey’s fibres that join ligaments in holding a tooth in the socket a represent in:

#6. Shoval shaped incisors are found amongst;

#7. The following is not a component of Gustafson’s method:

#8. In histological section of teeth, enamel shows incremental lines which are known as:

#9. The period of mixed dentition extends:

#10. Which type of the teeth are not present in human primary dentition?

#11. Vowels are produced during speech by modifying the shape of the Supra Laryngeal vocal tract in:

#12. Schreger lines are used for identification of:

#13. The sequence of eruption of permanent teeth in human is:

#14. Wisdom teeth is also known as:





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