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#1. To decipher indented writings, following instrument is used:

#2. A defect in the type written document in which a character prints a double impression with the lighter one slightly offset of the right or left, is known as:


#3. ESDA:

#4. Inkjet printer printing can be recognized by:

#5. First Documental Record Of Questioned Document Analysis Occurred In :-

#6. When Copper, Zinc And Iron Are Present In Secret Writing Inks, Secret Writing Can Be Deciphered After Treatment With :-

#7. The writing, in which a person has made a deliberate attempt to remove or modify all or some of the writing habits is known as:

#8. The term 'Petroglyphs' is used for which types of questioned documents?

#9. When Heavy Metals Are Part Of Ink In Case Of Secret Writing, Then The Secret Writing Can Be Deciphered Under :-

#10. Daisy wheel is a type of:





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