Drugs and their Antidotes

Sr. No. Drug / PoisonAntidote
2.BarbituratesActivated Charcoal
3.BotulinumBotulinum antitoxin
4.Beta blockersGlucagon
6.CaffeineEsmolol and Activated Charcoal
7.Cholinesterase inhibitorsAtropine
8.Cobra biteSnake anti-venin
10.CyanideHydroxocobalamin, Sodium nitrite, and Sodium thiosulfate
12.Fluoride ingestionCalcium Salts
13.Ethylene glycolSodium bicarbonate, Ethanol and Fomepizole
14.Heparine Protamine Sulfate
15.Heavy metal poisoning BAL (Dimercaprol), Calcium EDTA (Calcium Disodium Versenate) and Penicillamine.
16.Insulin reactionGlucose (Dextrose 50%)
17.IronDeferoxamine (Desferal)
18.IsoniazidPyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6)
19.LeadEDTA, BAL
20.Magnesium SulphateCalcium gluconate
21.MestinonAtropine Sulfate
22.MethemoglobinemiaMethylene blue
24.Morphine Sulphate Naloxone hydrochloride
25.NarcoticsNaloxone (Narcan)
26.NeostigmineAtropine and Pralidoxime
27.Non-specific poisons except cyanide, iron, lithium, caustics and alcoholActivated charcoal
28.Opioid analgesicsNalmefene or Naloxone
29.Penicillin Epinephrine
30.Sulfonylurea Octreotide
31.Vincristine Hyaluronidase
32.Tylenol/ ParacetamolAcetylcysteine
33.Warfarin (Coumadin)Vitamin K (phytonadione, Aquamephyton)
34.Tricyclic antidepressant toxicity, urine alkalization
for salicylate toxicity, cocaine toxicity
Sodium bicarbonate
35. Thallium or Cesium toxicityPrussian blue

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Note: This document pertains only to the antidotes contained in the antidote kit. Many other antidotes also exist.

This article is for educational purpose only and do not guarantee of any treatment. Always take Doctor advice or call on emergency helpline number in case of emergency.
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