Benzidine Test

What is Benzidine Reagent?

Benzidine is a Bladder Carcinogen referred as Aromatic Amines.

Benzidine Reagent is a poisonous, yellow/greyish red/white in color.

Color change into dark when exposed to light & air.

It’s Uses In Forensics

Benzidine Test Is More Acceptable And Reliable Test For Blood.

Its Sensitivity Is 5 Lakh Time In Dilution.

Basis Of The Test

This Test Is Based On Enzyme I.E. Peroxidase Enzyme Found In RBC.

Indication for the Presence of Blood

Produce Bluish Or Intense Green Colour Indicate Presence Of Blood.

Why Is This Process Is Known as Oxidation Reaction?

In This Process Oxidation Of Benzidine Occurs So The Process Is Called Oxidation Reaction.

How To Perform This Test ?

BLOOD+ Benzidine Reagent + H2O2 (30%) (H2O + Nascent) =

Intense GREEN colour


BLUISH colour present


It Also Give Positive Result In The Case Of Plant Or High Oxygenated Compound.

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