Importance Of Forensic Science In Developing Nations

Forensic Science is a discipline that deals with crime. It is a leg of modern justice system. It utilizes laws and principles of science and technology, and applied them for law enforcement agencies to maintain civil and criminal law. Forensic Science is continually developing and extending its scope with time and plays an important role in decreasing crime level, making peaceful and friendly environment for human development.

Human population is mixture of different societies. Like the fingers of hand, the unit of these societies is not same. Every human has unique characteristics that distinguished them from other. Where there is existence of good, there is also presence of evil. Such evils are one of major causes of keeping a population from prosperity. The crimes committed in societies develop a cloud of fear that often keeps them away from thinking for their better future.

In developing nations, there is dire need of forensic science. Such nations have low literacy rate, poverty, low income per capita, unemployment, inequality in sharing of resources etc. These all are root cause of heinous crimes we all heard in every night bulletin. We need to eliminate such things from societies. One way to do so is introduction of Forensic Science in such under developing nations.

Where there are so many problems and people are even deprived of fundamental rights and needs, someone is thinking of Forensic. It’s impossible! But remember, little by little one walks far away. The first thing that is necessary for development of Forensic is that the people should have awareness about it, its importance, function, needs, and its benefit for them. This is done by educating people about it and the other way that proved successful in establishment of Forensic around the world is TV shows like Forensic Files, CID even in countries like India. We can’t forget Sherlock Holmes, the character we all love, made forensics more interesting. There should be some activity, conferences, and talks on this topic at government level. This will surely boost Forensic development because this will provide job opportunities (reducing unemployment) and aid in making peace in country.

Forensic Science covers almost every field of science like biology, physics, chemistry, toxicology, anthropology, odontology etc. and the list goes on. In addition to scientific knowledge individual’s intelligence is also needed. With development of Forensic in a nation, there are golden opportunities for individuals from various backgrounds to show their skills for court of law.

About The Author

Hifz Ur Rehman is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science. (BS Forensic Science)

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