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Quiz On Questioned Document

Welcome to the Forensic Field’s Quiz Section.
This Quiz is based on Questioned Document contains 15 Multiple Choice Question which you have to solve. Result will be shown at the end of the quiz.
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We imprint ourselves in our handwriting

Archana Singh

This Book is based on Questioned Document Contains 300 Multiple Choice Questions on Questioned/Suspected Document which will help you in any exams related to this topic. Highly recommended for students.

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MCQS on FORENSIC SCIENCE (Questioned Document)

By @forensicfield

The Forensic Science (Questioned Document) MCQ’s is the resource to provide comprehensive coverage on Questioned Documents. This E-book contains 300 objectives from Questioned Document Section of Forensic Science. (Questioned from previous papers of UGC/NET also included) which will help you to qualify NET/JRF examination as well as other competitive examination related to forensic science (Questioned Document).

Some Objectives given below are the glimpse of MCQ’s on Questioned Documents ::–

1. Which Crime Comes Under White Collar Crime ?

a.) Rape

b.) Forgery

c.) Murder

d.) Theft

2. Questioned Document is sometimes also referred to as :-

a.) Contested Document

b.) Authentic document

c.) Both (a) & (b)

d.) None of the above

3. First Documental Record Of Questioned Document Analysis Occurred In :-

a.) Germany, 1810

b.) Japan, 1810

c.) Germany, 1807

d.) Japan, 1807

4. Who First Published Treatise On Systematic Document Examination?

a.) Francis Galton

b.) Francois Leuton

c.) Francois Demelle

d.) None of the above

5. In Handwriting, A Short Initial Or Terminal Stroke Is Called:-

a.) Hook

b.) Haitus

c.) Spur

d.) Staff

6. What Acronym Is Used To Describe The Computer Program That Helps Analyze Handwriting Samples?

a.) AFIS

b.) FRCI

c.) HWSP

d.) FISH

7. If An Investigator Is To Prepare Standards From A Suspect Typewriter, What Procedure Is Recommended :-

a.) Prepare at least one full copy of the text, in order and word-for-word

b.) To prepare handwritten notes

c.) To carry suspect handwriting samples

d.) To obtain typewriter receipt

8. A Blind Loop In Handwriting Can Be Defined As :-

a.) An incomplete loop formation

b.) A complete loop formation

c.) A loop formation completely filled with ink

d.) A loop formation partially filled with ink

9. When The Wire Mark Is Parallel To The Paper And Is Examined Under Transmitted Light, Then The Paper Is Referred To As :-

a.) Wove Paper

b.) Laid Paper

c.) Simple Paper

d.) All of the above

10. The Science Of Handwriting Comparison Is A :-

a.) Experimental Science

b.) Developmental Science

c.) Demonstrative Science

d.) All of the above

11. The Characteristic Feature Of Wrist Writing Is/Are :–

a.) Tapering terminals

b.) Heavy pen pressure

c.) Irregular curves

d.) All of the above

12. When Heavy Metals Are Part Of Ink In Case Of Secret Writing, Then The Secret Writing Can Be Deciphered Under :-

a.) UV Rays

b.) IR Rays

c.) Soft X-Rays

d.) Transmitted Light

13. Secret Writing Consists Of  :-

a.) Overt Writing

b.) Covert Writing

c.) Invert Writing

d.) Evert Writing

14. When Copper, Zinc And Iron Are Present In Secret Writing Inks, Secret Writing Can Be Deciphered After Treatment With :-

a.) Ammonia

b.) Sulphuric Acid

c.) Copper Sulphate

d.) Potassium Ferrocynide

15. Forger Selects Model Signature Of Writing In :-

a.) Free hand forgery

b.) Copied forgery

c.) Simulated forgery

d.) All of the above

16. Direct Superimposition Is :-

a.) Last step of examination

b.) First step of examination

c.) Both (a) and (b)

d.) None of the above

17. The writing between the lines of an instrument for the purpose of adding a part or correcting what has been written, is known as :-

a.) Obliteration

b.) Interlineations

c.) Addition

d.) Erasure

18. How Many Types Of Erasures Are There?

a.) 1

b.) 2

c.) 3

d.) 4

19. Sharp Erasure Causes :-

a.) Disturbance in the surface finish of the paper

b.) Disturbance in the surface lining of the paper

c.) Both (a) and (b)

d.) None of the above

20. The Commonly Used Chemical Erasure Is :-

a.) Sodium Hypochlorite

b.) Potassium Permanganate

c.) Oxalic Acid

d.) All of the above

21. Which Type Of Ink Is Present In Typewritten Matter?

a.) Water based ink

b.) Oil based ink

c.) Both (a) and (b)

d.) None of the above

22. Which Microscope Is Used To Detect The Enhancement Of Faint Residues From Erased Pencil Line?

a.) Comparison Microscope

b.) Low Power Phase Contrast Microscope

c.) High Power Stereoscopic Microscope

d.) Low Power Stereoscopic Microscope

23. When Oxalic Acid Acts As A Bleaching Agent And Reacts With Ferrous Sulphate, It Gives :-

a.) Brown Color

b.) Yellow Color

c.) No Color

d.) Reddish Tint

24. Indentation Is Also Known As :-

a.) Visible Impression

b.) Latent Impression

c.) Plastic Impression

d.) None of the above

25. ESDA a versatile instrument for the detection of indented writing was developed by :-

a.) Foster

b.) M.A. Casey

c.) D.J. Purtell

d.) Longhetti And Kirk

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