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MCQ on Forensic Science

Enhance your Knowledge of Forensic Science by taking this test. This Test contains 100 MCQs which you have to solve in 2 hours or 120 minutes. This Mock Test is useful for those who are willing to give any examination related to forensic science. All correct answers will be given at the end of the …

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Forensic MCQs

Law of Evidence is lex Fori

Forensic MCQs – with Answers & Explanations

1. The double-base propellant was invented by Nobel by gelatinisation of nitrocellulose with: Diphenylamine Picrite Nitroglycerine Ether-alcohol mixture

Forensic Mcqs With Explanation(PART – 2)

11. Root calcification of 1st permanent molar begins at: Birth 1 year 2 years 3 years

Forensic MCQs with Explanation(Part – 1)

1.Who is known as ‘Father of Criminal Identification’ ? Francis Galton Alphonse Bertillon Edmond Locard Mathieu Orfila

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