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E-Magazine of Forensic Science (August 2022)

close up photo of fingerpints on paper

Known Prints (Tenprints)

three women standing with different height measurements and figure

Personal Identification Technique and their Importance in determination of Age and Sex

Study of Prints Known As

fingerprint Impressions

A Fingerprint is an impression which is left by the papillary ridges of a human finger.

Objectives on Fingerprints

Multiple Choice Questions

I.) Who first explained the Friction Ridge Skin Pattern with drawings:-

1.)Sir Francis Galton

2.)J.C.A. Mayer

3.)Henry Faulds

4.)William Herschel

History of Fingerprints


The Science of fingerprint identification stands out among all other Forensic Science techniques and methods for many reasons. The science of fingerprint identification or Dactylography began nearly 4,000 years ago. Fingerprints offer a reliable means of personal identification.
Lots of research have been done in this field to find accurate method and technique from many years.

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