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DNA: from the basics to It’s applicability in Forensic Science

Forensic Genetics

Forensic Biology: A Complete Review

November Issue Magazine

Forensic Science E-Magazine (November 2022)

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Forensic Science E-Magazine (October 2022)

Influence Of Tampered Cloth Evidence By Detergent On DNA Yield

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Important Abbreviation in Forensic Science

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Personal Identification Technique and their Importance in determination of Age and Sex

Mitochondrial DNA

Mitochondrial DNA (Mt DNA) is the DNA located in the mitochondria and is energy producing cell organelle.

DNA Analysis

DNA analysis is the interpretation of genetic sequences. It can be used for medical diagnoses, determine parentage, criminal investigations, etc.


A Y-STR is short tandem repeats on the Y-chromosome. Y-STRs are often used in forensics, paternity, and genealogical DNA testing….

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