cyber forensic

fact & fact plus 2022

Cyber Forensics QnA (FACT Plus 2022)

fact & fact plus 2022

Cyber Forensics QnA (FACT 2022)

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Can a Cyber Forensics Expert Provide Evidence In Any case and Certify

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How is Computer Forensic used as Evidence?

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To study of AccessData_FTK_Imager_4.2.1 for password cracking and dumpIt version 3.2 for capturing of raw files.


Computer Virus

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Types of Electronic Evidence

Introduction Electronic evidence means electronically stored information by the use of computer, Mobile phones or Internet. Electronic Information generally is admissible into evidence in a legal proceeding. There are lots of electronic information can be use as electronic evidence. Types of Electronic Evidences:

Quiz on Cyber Forensics

This Quiz Test consist Multiple Choice Questions With Answers, but you have to attempt questions and then submit your answer in last, and, then you will get your score and correct answers of each questions.

Cyber Forensic

Cyber forensics/computer forensics is the application and scientific processes of identification, seizure, acquisition,…..

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