Crime scene

dr. omana and murleedharan

Dr. Omana is still at large after chopping her Ex-Boyfriend

Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation is performed by investigators to collect evidences which helps to solve the crime.

Career in Forensic Science – Right Decision or Wrong Decision


What do you find more relevant to your study?

What do you find more relevant to your study?

A Closer Look on Forensic Science

The “A Closer Look on Forensic Science” is the resource to provide comprehensive coverage on Forensic Science. This E-book will help you to gain knowledge about every aspect of Forensic Science, such as; History, Branches, Work, Organization, Crime Scene Investigation, Modus Operandi Bureau, Evidences, etc. This book is going to present an overview of Forensic Science so you will know what is it, why is it, what is the use of it, what is the limitations and much more. This e-book has contains basic knowledge of Forensic Science. Every word that confused you before is going to be solved after reading it.

Laws and Principles of Forensic Science

Forensic Science is the science which has developed its own Laws and Principles. The Laws and Principles of all the natural sciences are the bases of Forensic Science…READ MORE….

Role and Limitations of Forensic Science

scientists in laboratory

Forensic Science: A Quick Review

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