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Forensic Serology: A Complete Overview

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E-Magazine of Forensic Science (March 2022)

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E-Magazine of Forensic Science (February 2022)

Biological Evidence-Blood

Wagenaar’s Test

It’s a Confirmatory test for blood.
It is also known as Acetone chlor-hemin crystal test. When sample goes….Read More….

Collection, Preservation And Examination Of Biological Samples

There are several challenges to select and collect samples for antemortem and postmortem analysis. The relevance of any finding is primarily determined by the type and quality of the sample submitted to the laboratory that’s why numerous pre-analytical aspects should be considered during collection in order to have samples with sufficient quality and quantity.
How to collect and preserve biological samples? and, in what amount biological samples are needed for examination? All information is given in this post.

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