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#1. What are the four patterns to search the crime scene for Evidence:

#2. The following is a regenerated fiber:

#3. Which of the following sutures of the skull are the first to fuse?


#4. ‘Proof’ in alcoholic drinks is:

#5. The coefficient of reduction or form factor is calculated by the formula:

#6. The three genetic loci that control PGM polymorphism are locus 1 onchromosome 1, locus 2 on chromosome 4 and locus 3 is on which of these chromosomes?

#7. A forensic scientist is supposed to answer the question when examining dried blood

#8. What is the purpose of CDR analysis tool ?

#9. Which of the following statements is not true?

#10. The following typing is used to determine the both sex from a biological specimen:

#11. Which Search pattern would be use to search a large field?

#12. What is the natural substrate for the cannabinoid receptor in the brain?

#13. Which of the following statements is not true?

#14. Which of the following is not a feature of immediate change after death?

#15. The video editing in digital video format is:

#16. Dying declaration is to be preferably recorded by:

#17. X-ray spectra are quite simple because:

#18. Bulk density test is used to determine:

#19. The control soil sample should be collected within the distance of _______of the questioned soil spot.

#20. During gravimetric method of cement analysis, filtrate –D is used for calculation of:

#21. Aluminum, calcium, magnesium and cobalt are components of:

#22. 4-R rule is connected with:

#23. Which locus is used for determining both male and female gender in DNA fingerprinting?

#24. Which of the following is not a prominent feature of male skull?

#25. The identification of shot gun is possible when the fired cartridge contains:

#26. Bevelling of a wound is seen in the following injuries:

#27. Mobile security is also known as:

#28. Vowels are produced during speech by modifying the shape of the Supra Laryngeal vocal tract in:

#29. In Phishing, the perpetrator convince the recipient:

#30. The following method is non-destructive technique for ink identification:

#31. Which of the following is a pigment found in faecal matter?

#32. When The Wire Mark Is Parallel To The Paper And Is Examined Under Transmitted Light, Then The Paper Is Referred To As :-

#33. Assertion (A): Blood less dissection of neck structures is recommended in deaths due to strangulation. Reason (R): It allows identifying and excluding post-mortem artefacts.

#34. Infrared spectra of paint sample without any preprocessing can be obtained by technique of:

#35. Chronic poisoning due to lead is known as:

#36. Fuse bomb used for the destruction of enemy property generally contains initiating device as:

#37. The percussion-Lock firearms were discovered by:

#38. The sequence of eruption of permanent teeth in human is:

#39. The Indian Arms Act was enforced in:

#40. The direction of a wound can be ascertained from which of the following injuries:

#41. Which of the following is NOT a limitation of Beer Lambert’s Law, which gives the relation between absorption, thickness and concentration on:

#42. Linea aspera is present on which of the following bone?

#43. Uncontaminated surface material close to an area where physical evidence has been deposited is a:

#44. Postmortem caloricity may be seen in all the following causes of death except:

#45. The sex of an individual can be determined by the following, except:

#46. Babinski toe sign occurs in which of these drugs?

#47. The Right of Private defense is contained in:

#48. Individuals who produce A, B and H blood group specific substances in body fluids are called as:

#49. Prof. Simon Newcomb has given the:

#50. Colustrum is a form of:

#51. Teaching of Forensic Science for the first time in India was started in 1959 at the following place:

#52. Computer forensics also known as?

#53. Which of the following program is run to examine network traffic:

#54. Ganja is derived from which part of plant Cannabis Sativa

#55. Which of the following techniques are used during computer forensics investigations?

#56. When a group of muscles of a dead body were in state of strong contraction immediately prior to death and remain so even after death, the condition is termed as:

#57. Which of the following illumination cannot be used in stereomicroscope?

#58. In the gunshot wound, the term back spatter refers to:

#59. In handwriting, a short initial or terminal stroke is called:

#60. “Agora” in Agoraphobia means

#61. A dead body with suspected poisoning is having hypostasis of red brown or deep blue in color. It is suggestive of poisoning due to:

#62. The commonest cause of death in extradural hemorrhage is:

#63. What is the use of IPDR?

#64. Opinion of examiner of electronic evidence is admissible in court of law under section:

#65. Which of the following is the major metabolite of methyl alcohol on oral administration?

#66. The probable time of last fire from a firearm can be determined by

#67. Amount of air necessary to produce fatal air embolism is:

#68. The magnified effects from the combination of drugs is called:

#69. Prostate-specific antigen is also called as:

#70. Besides silica, the main constituent of Gypsum soil is:

#71. Walker Test of GSR is done for the identification of presence of

#72. Which one of the tissues putrefies late?

#73. Who among these would help the victim to come out of a state of mental trauma?

#74. Which drug is used in carrying out “Narco Analysis’?

#75. L.N.J.P. National Institute of Criminology & Forensic Science was established at New Delhi in the following year:

#76. Which of the following surfaces can be treated particularly with Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD) method for the development of latent fingerprints?

#77. The first part of a complete URL is the __________ needed to access the web resource.

#78. What is Internet?

#79. Bobbit syndrome is:

#80. Unsolicited commercial emails are commonly known as?

#81. Which of the following is not a type of hacking a smart-phone.

#82. Which of the following is used to colour motor gasoline?

#83. The book entitled “Classification and uses of fingerprints” is authored by:

#84. Sequence of process of arson is:

#85. Visualization of Esterase-D can be done using which of the following reagents?

#86. Robbery is defined in following section of IPC:

#87. Richest concentration of choline in the spermatic fluid was determined by:

#88. Which one of the following body hair types are triangular in cross-section?

#89. Human hair when examined under microscope will reveal:

#90. Swabs collected for biological samples should packed:

#91. Which was the first atypical antipsychotic?

#92. In a case of hanging, if the knot is situated at the occipital region, is called:

#93. Testamentary capacity is regulated by:

#94. The death sentence before being executed is required to be confirmed by:

#95. The first permanent tooth to erupt is:

#96. Taggants in ink are:

#97. Which size of soil particles is termed as clay?

#98. A ridge that forks and forms a complete circle and then becomes a single ridge again is called as:

#99. Application of ABO grouping in disputed paternity was first used by:

#100. The specific antidote in case of iron poisoning is:

#101. How phone memory of a damaged mobile phone can be read?

#102. Black mineral colours in the soil are generally related to the presence of the following elements:

#103. Which of the following fiber is of mineral origin?

#104. In starch-iodine test, the starch turns in the following colour on addition of iodine:

#105. Fingerprints on plastic metal, glass and skin can be placed in a developing jar with this chemical that reacts with amino acids to make the print appear white:

#106. Optical components in UV spectrometer are made up of:

#107. Cyanoacrylate method can be best used to visualise latent fingerprints on the following type of surfaces:

#108. A dead body is having cadaveric lividity of bluish green color. The most likely cause of death is by poisoning due to:

#109. The following are the tests for analysis of morphine except:

#110. Dry ashing method is used for the extraction of following poisons from viscera:

#111. Treatment of opioid over dosage is:

#112. Which of the following is not true in case of a radiation source?

#113. Ester test is done for the identification of which of the following poisons?

#114. The major component of “Molotov Cocktail’ is:

#115. Which of the following method is recommended to develop latent fingerprints on human skin?

#116. Which one of the following is an ionization source for GC-MS:

#117. Which of the following is not classified as Hallucinogen?

#118. As per IPC (Indian Penal Code), Emasculation is classified as:

#119. Genital retraction syndrome is also known as:

#120. Scott’s test is applied for the detection of:

#121. Delusion is not seen in:

#122. Hurt is described in following section of IPC:

#123. The ideal place to record temperature in dead body is from:

#124. Inner layer of skin:

#125. Confirmation of menstrual blood stain is done by the following method:

#126. Assertion (A): Presence of P30 confirms the seminal stain. Reason (R): P30 is secreted into semen by Cowper’s gland.

#127. Assertion (A): As the rhodamine ‘B’ in ballpoint pen ink degrades, it losesthe ethyl groups. Reason (R): The ethyl groups are replaced by hydrogen atoms.

#128. Select the incorrect statement concerning modus operandi.

#129. Charred Documents should be packed in:

#130. Radial Diffusion Test is used for the detection of:

#131. Fixation of postmortem staining occurs in:

#132. Following detector in HPLC generates structural and molecular weight information about the eluted solute:

#133. Naltrexone is used in opioid dependence to:


#134. Ram rod is a part of:

#135. Brush burn or graze is a form of:

#136. A device operating at network layer is called ____ .

#137. Which of the following section of Indian Evidence act-1872 describe ‘Dying Declaration’?

#138. Chromatography was first reported by:

#139. Which of the following types of inquests are presently held in India?

#140. Most common cause of aneurysm formation:

#141. Lie detector measures, the following parameters of an individual :

#142. Which of the following is the cause of ‘Hooch Tragedy’?

#143. Erasure of a writing using rubber is called:

#144. The iodine fuming method to develop latent fingerprints relies on the physical absorption of iodine vapors with:

#145. When packaging the evidence, you should:

#146. Secret Writing Consists Of :-

#147. ________ is used for retarding the plaster of paris cast of foot prints.

#148. Which of the following sutures of the skull are the first to fuse?

#149. Grazing angle in case of oblique light examination of documents pertains to_______.

#150. Different forms of the same gene or marker are called:

#151. The length is the greatest dimension in which of the following wounds?

#152. Extradural haemorrhage commonly occurs from rupture of:

#153. Which of the following is not a paraphilia:

#154. The oldest chemical method used to visualize latent prints is:

#155. In the comparison of a scene fingerprint with one held on the IDENT1 database, a full identification is made:

#156. _______________ is the central node of 802.11 wireless operations.

#157. Which of the following are characteristics of rim-fire cartridge?

#158. Which of the following is important for the identification from hair?

#159. Which of the following is NOT measured by the sensors of a polygraph test?

#160. Sharpey’s fibres that join ligaments in holding a tooth in the socket a represent in:

#161. Pica type of typewriter types _______.

#162. 3 year old girl has delayed developmental milestone, delayed speech, difficulty in concentrating on studies, plays with herself & does not make friends. Diagnosis is:

#163. Minimum temp to produce burn is:

#164. Symptomatic treatment is not required in withdrawal syndrome caused by:

#165. Radial fractures on glass, surface starts on:

#166. The examination of physical evidence by a forensic scientist is usually undertaken for:

#167. Whiplash is which form of injury:

#168. The tire treads recorded on moldable material such as earth, clay, snow etc. are known as:

#169. Magnetic powders contain which of the following as one of the constituents?

#170. The following are characteristic features for comparison of handwriting, except;

#171. Electrode less Discharge Lamp (EDL) is used in:

#172. Evidence under the Evidence Act means and includes:

#173. Amatol contains:

#174. An indentation mark is caused by a tool, when it is pressed upon a surface:

#175. the production of an imitation of currency, artwork, documents, and name-brand knock-off items for the purpose of deception:

#176. Counterfeiting is a federal offense that primarily involves copying:

#177. Which one of the following is not an insecticide of vegetable origin?

#178. The following colour tests is applied for the detection of halogenated hydrocarbons?

#179. Total ___ types of Grievous hurt are designated in IPC

#180. Basic requirements of a monochromator are:

#181. The antidote for methanol poisoning is:

#182. Which of the following statements is not true?

#183. In Terms of evidence collection, what does Trace means:

#184. The last organ to putrefy in the young girls is:

#185. Which of the following type of abrasions are associated in sexual assault over the thigh of a woman?

#186. The presence of buccal epithelial cells confirms the following:

#187. When a wireless user authenticates to any AP, both of them go in the course of four-step authentication progression which is called?

#188. The forking of the tip of the bristle hair is a useful indicator for the family:

#189. The centre of ossification for the iliac crest appears by the age of:

#190. Which of the following tool is used for Blackjacking?

#191. The human genome contains about _______ DNA molecules per diploid geneme.

#192. Buckling is a characteristics feature of:

#193. Which of the following reagents is used to identify the vaginal secretion on the basis of detecting glycogenated epithelial cells?

#194. After death all of following show rise in CSF, except:

#195. A brownish colored scab over an abrasion is formed by:

#196. Which of the following is used as a detector in HPLC?

#197. First Forensic Science Lab in India was established at:

#198. Fouling is useful in determination of approximate:

#199. During spermatogenesis, the secondary spermatocyte develops into which of the following?

#200. Which one of the fibers is NOT the protein fiber?

#201. Rectal temperature does not appreciably fall till what time after death:

#202. What are the ingredients of Cyber Security Trial?

#203. The Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) seized for forensic tests analysis is suitably packed in:

#204. LSD is derived from which of the following plant?

#205. “Davidson Body” is present in:

#206. Accurate individualization of the victims from bones is possible by using one of these following techniques:

#207. Nicotine can be given in all forms except;

#208. Which of the following pairs is not matched correctly?

#209. A person died from a stab wound in the aorta, in winter. His rectal temperature was 31 °C. The post-mortem interval is:

#210. Hypothermia is said to exist when Rectal / oral temp less than:

#211. Arson evidence is usually collected in:

#212. A patient with pneumonia for 5 days admitted in hospital, suddenly ceases to recognise doctor and staff and thinks he is in jail, he complains of scorpions moving around, is in altered sensorium, condition is:

#213. Preliminary observations of the pooling of blood at the lowest part of the body caused by gravity is:

#214. Thickness of a specimen entirely in focus under a microscope is known as:

#215. Trace Evidence is not much useful in following Crime:


#216. Documents are sometimes chemically treated to make them look:

#217. Following color test is applied for the detection of opiates:

#218. What is the size of the IPV6 address?

#219. Sweat glands near the hair follicle:


#220. Giving meaning to a stimulus is called as:

#221. In which one of the following types of liquid chromatography, immobilized biochemical is used as a stationary phase?

#222. Conduct money is paid for:

#223. The Supreme Court held, that forcing a person to undergo polygraph, brain mapping and narco analysis tests, as violation of:

#224. Initial comparisons of documents are done with:

#225. Benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and manyanticonvulsants exert their influence through which of the following types of receptors?

#226. ‘Off-its-feet’ is an individual characteristic found in ________

#227. Casper’s dictum is related to:

#228. Anti-H lectin, is prepared from:

#229. Olecranon fossa is present in which of the following bones?

#230. “Evidence is to be weighed and not counted” attracts which section of Evidence Act?

#231. In vehicle accident, tyre marks on body is suggestive of:

#232. The technique of casting may be used to recover impressions of:

#233. The traditional printing method of relief printing is also known as:

#234. Why does offender profiling require multiple offences to be committed?

#235. The time take by an unretained species to pass through a chromatography column is known as:

#236. The diameter of the circle tangent to the tops of the lands if the barrel has an odd number of lands & grooves, is known as:

#237. Which types of evidence can be collected in paper bags, envelops and packets.

#238. Which of the following is not classical of schizophrenia?

#239. Ethanol is absorbed into blood from:

#240. The hard outer layer of a pollen grain is made up of:

#241. Black Mineral color in the soil is generally related to the presence of:

#242. The most common symptom associated with alcohol withdrawal is:

#243. The following is not a feature of antemortem burns?

#244. Questioned Document is also known as:

#245. The greatest dimension of an incised wound is:

#246. Condition promoting adipocere formation:

#247. Which is not a neurotic trait?

#248. In opioid dependence naltrexone is used to:

#249. Which of the following are examples of diacritic marks in handwriting?

#250. In human seminal fluid, the amount of spermatozoa is:

#251. As per “Rule of Nine”, the surface area of the body involved for the trunk is:

#252. An Rh incompatibility between mother and fetus can occur if:

#253. Zip gun is a:

#254. The following drugs are high potency anti psychotic drugs, except:

#255. Eating the flesh of corpse for sexual gratification is called:

#256. Presence of phalomelanin hair pigments gives hair:

#257. It is important to separate witnesses at a crime scene in order to:

#258. Which amino acid is present in hair medullar protein that is usually not a component of proteins?

#259. Vaginal secretion consists of:

#260. What type of picture should be taken for covering entire crime scene?

#261. Salylation is used in:

#262. The trigger pull of service rifle is:

#263. “Counter Immuno Electro Phoresis (CIEP)” is applied detection of:

#264. Brush burn refers to:

#265. __________ is the protocol that supports linking from one web page to another page.

#266. The three basic types of fingerprint pattern are:

#267. Most common substance abuse in India:

#268. Corroborative use of physical evidence is use to:

#269. Which of the following are not the antidotes in case of methanol poisoning? ? This MCQ has two right answer. Please select Most appropriate options.

#270. The second stage of acute acetaminophen toxicity is characterized by:

#271. Which of the following is a physical method for developing latent finger mark?

#272. A nucleotide consist of:

#273. Wound cause by sickle is:

#274. Those materials which show ‘Birefringence’ phenomenon is known as:

#275. 4R rule of glass fracture relates to:

#276. The important characteristic of petrol includes:

#277. Blood stained clothes collected from the scenes of crime should be sent for examination:

#278. Section 376 – A of Indian Penal Code relates to which of the following?

#279. Exhumation means:

#280. Steganography means:

#281. A single, common key is used to encrypt and decrypt the message in :

#282. Medical Negligence comes under Following section of IPC:

#283. The number of LG pellets in 12 bore cartridge is:

#284. Which one of the following is a sweet prepared from Bhang and used as an appetizer?

#285. Mass Spectrometry requires the sample to be in:

#286. Diphenyl Amine Reagent (DPA) used for identification of explosive is prepared for dissolving 1gm of diphenylamine in 100 ml of which of the following:

#287. The latent fingerprint visualisation technique known as vacuum metal deposition involves the evaporation and subsequent deposition, under vacuum, of:

#288. “Taches Noire Scleroitiques” is a post-mortem feature seen in:

#289. What is the basis for the determination of the primary classification of fingerprints?

#290. A gap within a stroke when the writing instrument leaves the paper is called a:

#291. Which are characteristics of someone responsible for an organised crime scene:

#292. Section 18, NDPS Act 1985 describes punishment for contravention in relation to:

#293. Micellar extraction of forensic analytes is carried out in the presence of:

#294. Last organ to putrefy:

#295. Appearance of a bruise at a site away from the site of impact is called:

#296. The Characteristic Feature Of Wrist Writing Is/Are :–

#297. A bright halo observed near the border of a glass particle immersed in a liquid of a different refractive index is known as:


#298. Scalding is caused when liquid in contact has temperature above:

#299. Petroleum products include:

#300. Legal limit of blood alcohol concentration (in mg/100ml) for driving in India is:

#301. In the comparison of test impressions and scene impressions of footwear, which of the following is not a class characteristic?

#302. The drug metabolizes in the liver through oxidation, dealkylation and conjugation and the main form of conjugation is with

#303. The following factors do not influence in the formation of a bruise:

#304. One of the following is not the component of Kastle-Meyer Test:

#305. Graphology can be defined as examination of handwriting for purpose of determining ________.

#306. In which of the method, Hollow-Cathode lamp is used as radiation source?

#307. Development of a classification system based on single fingerprints is credited to

#308. The ‘magic angle’ of NMR is at:

#309. The accuracy of sex determination from pelvis is:

#310. The following is the most suitable casting material for preserving foot wear impressions:

#311. The time interval that a drug takes for its concentration to drop to half of its concentration is known as:

#312. Radiations emitted by radioactive elements are:

#313. Blue line in the gingival margin in case of lead poisoning is due to deposition of:

#314. The average elimination or ‘burn-off’ rate of alcohol is approximately

#315. Rule of Hasse helps in the determination of:

#316. An arrested person can not be detained by the Police for more than:

#317. Sodium-halide-bromide cell window are used in:

#318. The possible ‘Multiple Enzyme System’ (MES) among the following is:

#319. NMR is a tool to investigate:

#320. “Nutmeg liver” refers to: